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IO-Link Master Unit


Model No. SC-LG2-CEF-P
Regulatory compliance CE Marking (EMC Regulations, RoHS Regulations)、UKCA Marking (EMC Regulations, RoHS Regulations)
Supply voltage 24 V DC+10 -15 %, Ripple P-P 10 % or less
IE Field
Current consumption 200 mA or less
Communication method CC-Link IE Field
Remote station type Intelligent device station
Network number setting 1 to 239 (decimal) [1 to EF (hex)] (0 and 240 or more: Error)
Cyclic transmission[Maximum number of link points per station] RX/RY: Maximum 112 points (112 bits) / Maximum 112 points (112 bits)
RWr/RWw: Maximum 132 points (132 words) / Maximum 132 points (132 words)
Transient transmission For server function only, message size: 2 kbytes (maximum)
Number of ports 1000BASE-T Ethernet port (RJ45) × 2
Station number setting 1 to 120 (decimal)(0 and 121 or more: Error)
Communication speed 1 Gbps
Communication cable Category 5e or higher Ethernet cables that satisfy the 1000BASE-T standard
(Double shielded twisted pair cable or straight cable)(Note 1)
Transmission line type Line type, star type (line/star mixed type also possible), ring type
Maximum distance
between stations
100 m 328.084 ft
Maximum number of stations that can be connected 121 (1 master station, 120 slave stations)
Maximum number of stages of cascade connection 20
Current consumption 150 mA or less (excluding the current consumption of connected IO-Link devices)
Allowable passing current 3 A or less (Note 2)
Communication method IO-Link V1.0 / V1.1
Number of ports e-CON compliant connector port for IO-Link × 8
Communication speed COM1 (4.8 kbps), COM2 (38.4 kbps), COM3 (230.4 kbps)
Automatically set by IO-Link device
Current supplied to device (L+, L-) Maximum 200 mA per port (Note 2)
Digital I/O (C/Q)
(Note 2)(Note 3)
IO-Link mode Compliance with the IO-Link standard
SIO mode During input setting PNP input (Sink current: Max. 15 mA)
During output setting Push-pull output (Drive capacity: Max.100 mA)
Digital input (DI)
(Note 2)(Note 3)
PNP input (Sink current: Max. 15 mA)
Communication cable Unshielded
Maximum cable length 20 m 65.617 ft
IO-Link connector e-CON compliant connector (4-pin type)(Note 4)
Ambient temperature -10 to +55 ℃ +14 to +131 ℉ (No dew condensation or icing allowed), Storage: -20 to +70 ℃ -4 to +158 ℉
Ambient humidity 35 to 85 % RH, Storage: 35 to 85 % RH
Voltage withstandability 1,000 V AC for one min. between all supply terminals connected together and enclosure
Insulation resistance 20 MΩ or more with 250 V DC megger between all supply terminals connected together and enclosure
Vibration resistance 10 to 150 Hz frequency, 0.75 mm 0.03 in double amplitude (10 to 58 Hz), maximum acceleration 49 m/s2, (58 to 150 Hz) in X, Y, and Z directions for two hours each
Shock resistance 98 m/s2 (10 G approx.) in X, Y, and Z directions three times each
Grounding method Power supply connector is equipped with a frame ground (F.G.)
RJ45 connector shield: Directly connected to ground terminal
Internal circuit: C coupling, Casing: Floating type
Limit to the number of flash memory save operations 100,000 (Note 5)
Material Case: Polycarbonate
Weight Net weight: 210 g approx., Gross weight: 270 g approx.
Accessory Power supply connector: 1 pc.


1) Use a cable recommended by CC-Link Partner Association.
2) Take care that the total consumption current of connected devices and the unit on the IO-Link side does not exceed the allowable passing current.
Power to devices (L+, L-), digital I/O (C/Q), and digital input (DI) are supplied from IO-Link (+V, -V) on the power supply connector.
3) Operation settings for digital I/O (C/Q) and digital input (DI) must be configured with CC-Link IE Field.
If operation settings are not configured, they will not operate.
4) For the connectors for connecting devices to this product, purchase simple wire-press connector (e-CON) CN-EP2 (5 pcs. set) or CN-EP3 (5 pcs. set) or the recommended product.
5) This product saves settings in internal flash memory.

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