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【Notification of Manufacturer Change for Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Products and Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Tatsuno Products】
From April 1, 2024, the terms "Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd." and "Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Tatsuno Co., Ltd."
in this page and in the manuals and other documents to be downloaded will all be replaced with "Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd." and applied accordingly.



Solve alignment problems

CE Marking UKCA

CE , UKCA Approved


Auto calibration function

The alignment mark is captured and the coordinates of the camera and stage are automatically calibrated.

The difference in two camera views and flexible camera attachment (rotation and tilt) also supported.

Calibration graphics

Auto calibration result can be verified visually.
Easy to verify whether or not calibration was performed accurately, one of the factors for alignment problems.

Calibration graphics
Calibration graphics

Alignment simulation function [PC setup software "PVWIN240"]

Alignment operation can be replicated on a PC.
The operation can be verified in stages through simulation that splits the alignment operation into 4 steps.

  • In the event of a problem, as long as you have an image, you can use the PC setup software to check the alignment operation at your desk.
    This is convenient for determining the location of the source of the problem.
  • By being able to check the output values, you can tell whether the problem is caused by image processing or whether it originates in the device.

Sample setting data

Sample setting data saved with basic alignment conditions is available.
Default settings are easily created by changing conditions such as the marks used by the user.

PC setup software "PVWIN240" and sample setting data are available for download free of charge from our website.
Membership registration is required to access/ download this data.

>>Go to Data download.

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