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High Voltage Cutoff Technology

It contributes to the exhaust gas deletion and the energy saving and making to clean.

High capacity cut-off relays [EP/EV Relays]

  • High-voltage and high-current control possible
  • Compact & Low operation sound
  • No arc space is required
  • The arc is not exposed, therefore, the contactor is explosion proof and intrinsically safe.
  • High contact reliability
  • Mounting direction is not specified
Safety construction

Sealed construction keeps the arc inside

Small size

The capsule contact construction is filled with H2gas which provides a large cut-off capacity with a small contact gap

Space saving

Free arc space

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High capacity cut-off relays [EJ Relays]

  • Compact and high capacity. Nominal switching capacity (resistive load): 100A 100V DC (Min. 104)Max. cut-off current: 800A 100V DC
  • Compact and light weight for space savings. 70mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 34mm (H)
  • Environmentally friendly. Cadmium-free and lead free.
  • EJ Relay: AGVs (automatic guided vehicle), UPS, Fuel cell, Combined heat/power generation systems, etc.
Double contacts in series
Double contacts in series Permanent magnet

[Arc cut-off image]

High-speed cut-off is realized by stretching out the arc using a permanent magnet.

(1) Arc generated

(2) Arc stretched out...

(3) Cut-off complete!

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High-capacity DC Cutoff Relays

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