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  • Selectable from a wide variety of types optimized for each purpose of use
  • Reliable switch performance with good tactile feedback

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  • Realize high reliability by original contact technology
  • Extensive variation
  • Silent switch with both-sided sliding contact available
  • Long stroke for move assembling position allowance
  • IP67 type (Immersion protected)

  • Wide selection: U, J, S, and Z types
  • Space-saving compact horizontal/vertical limit switches. Long-life and highly reliable. Compliant with overseas standards.
  • Series includes rocker and push-button switches
  • Rubber cap also available in silicon type for excellent weather resistance

  • High quality achieved by a design for good operation feel
  • High inrush current resistance is ideal for power switch of office automation equipment
  • A broad product line
  • Contact gap: 3mm Min.
  • Contributes to safety countermeasures by detecting machine tilt

  • Complies with safety standards

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April 1, 2020

Pearls of Wisdom on Automation Controls open new window

This website introduce handy information including on Automation Controls-related products and tips contributing to the resolution of issues faced by engineers.

March 2, 2020

Launch a product site of Encoders, Potentiometers!

Panasonic provides a wide variety of Encoders, Potentiometers with high reliability by original contact technology and proposes various operation methods and optimum click feeling to meet customers' needs.

March 2, 2020

Launch a product site of Touch Panels!

This product is a custom product.Please contact to our sales member for more information.

December 28, 2017

Light Touch Switches 4.9mm x 4.0mm SMD

Achieved Long operation travel 0.23mm with low profile package 0.63mm

October 13, 2017

Launch a product site of Detector Switches!

Compact and thin, compatible with a rich lineup of operation modes and mounting methods

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