T-15 Series Switches

T15 Series Switches Cautions For Use

1.Dustproof, waterproof, anticorrosive gas, and oil-proof designs

The panel-sealed type/terminal-sealed type/wire lead type switch has a protection level of IP67 or IP64 on the outer side of the mounting panel and a level of IP40, IP60, or IP67 on the inner side of the panel. For actual application, note the following points:

  • 1.Avoid immersion in water or oil during installation.
  • 2.Avoid immersion in water or oil during operation.
  • 3.Oils or gases impose varying degrees of impact on the switch's sealing performance depending on type or quantity.
  • 4.While the switch has a immersion and dust-protected design, its sealing performance or operabillity may be adversely affected in an environment where in the switch's movable parts can be contaminated with dust, oil, or other foreign objects. For the toggle type, use of a rubber cap is recommended.
  • 5.The standard toggle switch, when used with a rubber cap, provides a protection level of IP54.
    It should be used in an environment where it will not be subject to frequent water splashes.
  • 6.As the sealing performance of the rocker type switch is affected by the panel processing accuracy or mounted panel thickness, check the switch under actual loading conditions. (While water or dust will not enter the switch's internal structure, it may enter the panel.)
  • 7.Do not operate the rocker type switch when water accumulates in the switch handle.

2.Snap switch water resistance performance

Panel front
Panel interior
Toggle type Rocker type Push-button type Toggle type Rocker type Push-button type
Standard type +
Rubber cap
Panel-sealed type IP67 IP64 IP67 IP40 IP40 IP40
Terminal-sealed type IP67 IP64
IP60 IP60
Wire leads type IP67 IP64
IP67 IP67


  • 1.For the toggle and push-button type
  • a.When installing the standard type switch, be sure to use a hex nut.
  • b.For the panel-sealed, terminal-sealed and wire lead types, use a lock washer on the front side of the panel, and an O-ring on the back side of it.
  • c.Do not install the switch by rotating it.
  • 2.For the rocker type
  • a. In case the panel-sealed, terminal-sealed or wire leads types are used in the condition where the water splash on, please in the case of vertical installation, please install the switches tilt more than 25° or in the case of horizontal installation, please install the switches tilt more than 50°. (90° recommended)
  • b.In case water inside the switch case may freeze, please install the switch vertically to avoid the water remain inside the switch.
  • 3.Rubber cap installation
  • a.The washer should be used on the back side of the panel.
  • b.Enough screw pitch should be obtained being adjusted within 3 to 3.5mm.
  • c.After first installing the rubber cap, please tighten to 1.96 Nm or less with a hexagonal nut.
  • d.The mounting hole in the panel should preferably be provided with an anti-rotation projection.
  • e.If the rubber cap is installed over the hex nut, the waterproof performance will be impaired although the dustproof performance will not be affected.


  • 1.By using 350°C soldering iron, soldering should be completed within 5 seconds.
  • 2.Exercise care so as not to touch the switch body with a soldering iron.

5.Load type and ratings

  • 1.When the switch is loaded with a lamp, motor or capacitive load, a surge current higher than the stationary current passes through the switch contacts.
    Measure the surge with the actual load and, if needed, take necessory action so that the surge will not exceed the switch's rated current.
  • 2.When the switch is loaded with an inductive load (relay, solenoid, buzzer, etc.), a contact failure may result from arc discharge caused by a counterelectromotive force. It is advisable that you use an adequate anti-spark circuit across the switch contacts.


  • 1.Do not apply an excessive static load exceeding 112.7N perpendicular to the direction of operation.
  • 2.Operate the switch knob by hand.
  • 3.Take care not to drop the product as it may impair performance.
  • 4.These switches are only for Industrial use.
    Do not use any other applications. (ex. home use)

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