CMOS Type Micro Laser Distance Sensor HG-C1000L

Cautions For Use

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Be sure to read instruction manual attached to the product prior to its use.

  • Never use this product as a sensing device for personnel protection.
  • In case of using sensing devices for personnel protection, use products which meet laws and standards, such as OSHA, ANSI or IEC etc., for personnel protection applicable in each region or country.
  • Do not operate products using methods other than the ones described in the instruction manual included with each product. Control or adjustment through procedures other than the ones specified may cause hazardous laser radiation exposure.
  • This product is classified as a Class 2 Laser Product under IEC / JIS / GB standards and FDA* regulations. Do not look at the laser beam directly or through an optical system such as a lens.
  • The warning label (English) is attached to the product. Handle the product according to the instruction given on the warning label.
    (The warning labels in Japanese and Chinese are packed with the sensor.)
* This product complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 Laser Notice No.
50, dated June 24, 2007, issued by CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) under the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


  • When mounting this product, use M3 screws.
    The tightening torque should be 0.5 N·m.
    Please prepare M3 screws separately.

  • When mounting the simple mounting bracket (optional) on this product, the tightening torque should be 0.5 N·m or less.

Note: Due to the simple mounting bracket, the sensing characteristics may not be hold depending on the installation condition, in case of the purposes for acquiring the displacement data and a fine detecting.

Mounting direction

• Direction to a movable body
<When there are differences in material and color>

  • When performing measurements of moving objects with excessively different materials and colors, mount the product per the following directions to minimize measurement errors.

When there are differences in material and color

<Measurement of rotating objects>

  • When measuring rotating objects, mount the product as follows.
    Measurement can be performed with minimized effect on the object caused by up / down deflection, position deviation and etc.

When there are differences in material and color

<When there is a step>

  • When there is a step in the moving object, mount the product as follows.
    Measurement can be performed with minimized effect from the edges of the steps.

When there is a step

•Measuring of narrow locations and recesses

  • When measuring in narrow locations or inside holes, mount the product so that optical path from the lightemitting part to light-receiving part is not interrupted.

Measuring of narrow locations and recesses

•When mounting the product on a wall

  • Mount the product as follows, so that the multiple light reflections on the wall do not emit to the light-receiving part. When the reflection factor on a wall is high, it is effective to use a dull black color.

When mounting the product on a wall


  • This product has been developed / produced for industrial use only.
  • Make sure that the power supply is OFF before starting the wiring.
  • If the wiring is performed incorrectly, it will cause a failure.
  • Do not run the wires together with high-voltage lines or power lines, or put them in the same raceway. This can cause malfunction due to induction.
  • Verify that the supply voltage variation is within the rating.
  • If power is supplied from a commercial switching regulator, ensure that the frame ground (F.G.) terminal of the power supply is connected to an actual ground.
  • If noise generating devices (switching regulators, inverter motors, etc.) are used around the sensor mounting area, make sure to connect the frame ground (FG) terminal of the device.
  • Do not use this product during the transient state when the power supply is turned ON.
  • The overall length of the cable can be extended to 10 m 32.808 ft maximum (HG-C1000L series: 20 m 65.617 ft maximum) with a cable size of 0.3 mm2 or more.
  • Make sure that stress by forcible bend or pulling is not applied to the sensor cable joint.
  • Although it depends on the type, light from rapid start type or high frequency lighting type fluorescent lights, sunlight and etc. may affect the sensing, therefore make sure to prevent direct incident light.
  • This product is suitable for indoor use only.
  • Keep water, oil, fingerprints and etc. which reflect light, or dust, particles or etc. which interrupts the light, away from the emitting / receiving surfaces of this product.
    If contaminants adhere to the surface, wipe off with a dust-free soft cloth, or lens cleaning paper.
  • Do not use the sensor in locations where there is excessive vapor, dust or etc. or in an atmosphere where corrosive gases, etc. is generated.
  • Take care that the product does not come in contact with oil, grease, organic solvents such as thinner, etc., strong acid or alkaline.
  • Make sure to turn OFF the power supply, before cleaning the light emitting / receiving windows of the sensor head.
  • There is a certain deviation in the directionality of this product. Install the product using a mounting bracket or similar fitting to allow the adjustment of optical axis.
  • The internal memory (nonvolatile) of this product has a service life. Settings cannot be configured more than 100,000 times.

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