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AQV453 | PhotoMOS HE 1 Form B

PhotoMOS HE 1 Form B

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  • RoHS Compliant This product has been confirmed that it does not contain the 6 substances specified in EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and the 4 substances specified in 2015/863/EU.  
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Product Number AQV453
Part Number AQV453
Details Through hole terminal, Tube packing style, Load voltage:250 V
Product name PhotoMOS HE 1 Form B
Features Normally closed DIP6-pin type Low on-resistance

*“ Product Number ” is ordering part number for non Japanese market. “ Part Number ” is ordering part number for Japanese market.

As of July 22, 2024
Specifications and design of the products are subject to change without notice for the product improvement.

Spec Detail

Item Specifications
Product Number AQV453
Part Number AQV453
Product name HE 1 Form B
Type HE
Package DIP6
Voltage type AC/DC
Contact arrangement 1 Form B
Terminal shape Through hole terminal
Packing style Tube packing style
Packing quantity
1-tube (pcs.)
Packing quantity
Outer carton (pcs.)
LED forward current [ IF ] 50 mA
LED reverse voltage [ VR ] 5 V
Peak forward current [ IFP ] 1 A
Power dissipation [ Pin ] 75 mW
Load voltage [ VL ] 250 V
Continuous load current [ IL ] 0.2 A
Peak load current [ Ipeak ] 0.6 A
Power dissipation [ Pout ] 360 mW
Total power dissipation [ Pt ] 410 mW
I/O isolation voltage [ Viso ] 1,500 Vrms
Ambient temperature: Operating [ Topr ] -40 to +85℃
Ambient temperature: Storage [ Tstg ] -40 to +100℃
Junction temperature [ Tj ] 125℃
LED operate current (Typical) 1 mA
LED operate current (Maximum) 3.0 mA
LED turn off current (Minimum) 0.4 mA
LED turn off current (Typical) 0.9 mA
LED dropout voltage (Typical) [ VF ] 1.25 V
LED dropout voltage (Maximum) [ VF ] 1.5 V
On resistance (Typical) [ Ron ] 5.5 Ω
ON resistance (Maximum) [ Ron ] 8 Ω
Off state leakage current (Maximum) [ ILeak ] 1μA
Over current protection Nothing
Turn on time (Typical) 1.52 ms
Turn on time (Maximum) 3 ms
Turn off time (Typical) 0.4 ms
Turn off time (Maximum) 1 ms
I/O capacitance (Typical) [ Ciso ] 1.3 pF
I/O capacitance (Maximum) [ Ciso ] 3 pF
Initial I/O isolation resistance (Minimum) [ Riso ] 1,000 M ohm
[Recommended operating conditions] LED current [ IF ] Min.: 5 mA, Max.: 30 mA
[Recommended operating conditions] Load voltage [ VL ] Max.: 200 V
[Recommended operating conditions] Continuous load current [ IL ] Max.: 0.2 A

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Information on Compliance with Standards

Standard Name Status Information on Compliance


File No. E191218
Rating UL Recognized
3500mA connect A
5000mA connect B
7000mA connect C
Remarks Device rating
0.2A 250V AC(peak)A connection
0.2A 250V DC A connection
0.3A 250V DC B connection
0.4A 250V DC C connection
Last update March 3, 2022
Mark on products* This product does not have markings.

* The "Mark on products" field shows the standards' certificate type marked to products. Note that not all certified products have a certificate mark affixed to them.

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