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Product Number AWHA1C070
Part Number AWHA1C070
Product [Built-in Web Server] Programmable Display
Details Advanced model
Product name WH

As of May 09, 2021
Specifications and design of the products are subject to change without notice for the product improvement.

Spec Detail

Item Specifications
Product Number AWHA1C070
Part Number AWHA1C070

Main unit specifications

Item Specifications
Regulatory compliance EMC Directive, RoHS Directive, UL/c-UL Listing certification
Rated Voltage 24V DC
Operating voltage range 10 to 32 V DC
Note : The voltage tolerance range for maintaining a 10 ms voltage dips is limited to 20.4 to 32 V DC. * Does not include connection of external devices.
Current consumption (at 24 V DC) 0.7 A or less
Ambient temperature -20 to +50 ℃ -4 to +122 ℉ (Note),
Storage -20 to +70 ℃ -4 to +158 ℉
Note : In vertical installation conditions
Ambient humidity 5 to 85% RH (at +25 ℃ +77 ℉, No condensation or icing allowed, Same when storing)
Vibration resistance 5 to 9 Hz, 3.5 mm 0.138 in single amplitude, 9 to 150 Hz, Acceleration 9.8 m/s2 (1 G)
Shock resistance 490 m/s2 (50 G), 11 ms, 3 times in the X, Y, Z directions
Protection Front panel: IP66 (Initial value) (Note), Rear: IP20
Note : The IP66 is guaranteed only if:
・Max deviation from the plane surface to the cut-out: ≤ 0.5 mm 0.020 in
・Thickness of the case where is mounted the equipment: from 1.5 mm to 6 mm 0.059 in to 0.236 in
・Max surface roughness where the gasket is applied: ≤ 120 μm
Also, tightening torque: 0.75 N•m (for advanced type: 1.3 N•m) or screw each fixing screw until the bezel corner gets in contact with the panel.
Pollution degree 2
Net Weight 1.3 kg approx.

Function specifications

Item Specifications
Displayable fonts Fixed font, True Type font, Fonts installed in Windows®
Note : Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Note : A license (permission to use) is required to add the font.
Number of registerable screens (pages) Max. 1,000
Note : Maximum allowable number varies depending on registered contents.
Registerable screen number Pages: 1,000
Dialog: 50
Template: 50
Types of widget Basic (text, numerics), Button, Meter, Switch, Light, Media, Icon, Custom, etc.
Main functions Trends, Reports, Alarms, Scheduler, Database, Data transfers, Recipe, Keypads, Web Server, etc.
Through function If a PC is connected to the LAN port of a WH series and a PLC is connected into the serial port, the PLC program can be debugged without a direct connection between the computer and the PLC.
Note : The only supported PLC is our FP series.

Performance specifications

Item Specifications
Display : Display unit 7 inch wide TFT
Note : On the LCD panel, bright spots (points always lit) or black spots (points always unlit) may appear, or the uneven brightness, flickers or crosstalk (appearance of unintended shades in the area no graphic or part is arranged) may occur depending on the operating conditions.
Note that these phenomena are resulted from the basic characteristics of LCD panel not defects or failures of the product.
Display : Resolution 800×480, WVGA
Display : Colors 16,770,000 colors
Display : Backlight White LED
Display : Backlight brightness (Initial) 500 cd/m2(typ.)
Display : Dimming Yes (Can be adjusted on the menu screen, xAscender Studio settings.
*There are some minor variations in the backlight brightness.
Display : Backlight life time 40,000 hours or more
Note : Time of continuous operation until the brightness of the backlight reaches 50% of the rated value when the surrounding air temperature is +25 ℃ +77 ℉
Touch switch : Touch switch Capacitive type
Touch switch : Touch switch operating -
Touch switch : Life time -
Memory space : RAM 1 GB
Memory space : Flash memory 4 GB
Memory space : Project memory 240 MB
Memory space : User memory 512 MB
RTC/Backup : Clock function Yes
RTC/Backup : Accuracy RTC ±100 ppm or less (at +25 ℃ +77 ℉)
Note : At +25 ℃ +77 ℉: less than 260 seconds per month. On systems prone to clock error, set the correct time on a regular basis.
RTC/Backup : Backup range Clock back up
RTC/Backup : Backup function / period 3 months with lithium batteries (secondary batteries)
(at +25 ℃ +77 ℉)
Note : Must be charged for 48 hours. When the battery is fully charged, it ensures a period of 48 hours of data backup.
Other Buzzer

Interface specifications Ethernet port communication specifications

Item Specifications
Number of communication ports 3 ports
Interface 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T
Baud rate 100 Mbps / 10 Mbps, Auto negotiation
Note : Switching between different speeds is done automatically by auto negotiation function.
Connecter shape RJ-45
Note : Be careful not to apply excessive static electricity to the metal parts of the connector.
Cable total length 100 m 328.084 ft (500 m 1,640.42 ft when using a repeater)
Note : The maximum length of the cable is 100 m 328.084 ft in accordance with the standards, but depending on the operating environment, a ferrite core may be installed to reduce noise. May be required. It is also recommended that the hub be installed near the control panel and that it be used at 10 m 32.808 ft or less.
Communication cable UTP cable (Category 5 or higher)
Number of simultaneous connections Max. 4
communication method Full-duplex / Half-duplex
communication protocol TCP/IP, UDP/IP
DNS Name server support
DHCP Correspondence of automatic IP address acquisition
FTP server / client Server function: Transfer file / Client function: Transfer data and file
HTTP server / client Server function: Customer web / Client function: Web browser
SNTP Correspondence of time setting function

Interface specifications Serial port communication specifications

Item Specifications
Communication standard Conforms to RS-232C (Non insulation type)
Conforms to RS-422 / RS-485 (Non insulation type)
Number of communication ports 1 port *Can be switched with xAscender Studio
Conditions for communication with external devices : Baud rate 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bit/s
Note : Communication conditions depend on the communications state of PLCs or other slave devices. Please check with the actual devices when some commercial devices with RS485 interface are connected. The number of connected devices, transmission distance, and transmission speed may be different according to using transmission line.
Conditions for communication with external devices : Data bits 7 bits / 8 bits
Conditions for communication with external devices : Parity none / even / odd
Conditions for communication with external devices : Stop bit 1 bit / 2 bit
Transmission distance (Total length) RS-232C : Max. 15 m 49.213 ft(Baud rate: 19,200 bps)
RS-422 / RS-485 : Max. 500 m 1,640.42 ft (Baud rate: 115.2 kbps)
Terminal resistance RS-232C : -
RS-422 / RS-485 : No termination
Note : When connected to the termination, it is recommended that a 120Ω, 1/2W or better termination resistor be connected between the communication lines.
Connector Connector supplied with advanced model

Interface specifications USB port specifications

Item Specifications
Number of ports 2 ports
USB specifications USB Host
Electrical specifications Complies with USB 2.0
Connector shape USB Type A
Note : Take care of handling of the connector not to add an excessive static electricity on the metal part of the connector.
Note : The format of the external memory should be in FAT32 or FAT. The max number of files inside external memory depends on the type of formatting.
• FAT32: Max. 65,535 files • FAT: Max. 512 files
Transmission speed 480 Mbps (High speed mode)
Maximum current Max. 500 mA

Interface specifications SD memory card specifications

Item Specifications
Support media SD memory card, SDHC memory card
Note : Industrial or business use SD memory cards (SLC type) are recommended. Check the operating temperature range of the SD memory card before use.
Supported format standard Conforms to SD standard (Note)
(Please format with a format software for SD memory cards.)
Note : The format of the external memory should be in FAT32 or FAT. The max number of files inside external memory depends on the type of formatting.
• FAT32: Max. 65,535 files • FAT: Max. 512 files

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