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RS Relays

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Product Number ARS14Y4H
Part Number ARS14Y4H
Details PCB, SMD, Y layout,4.5V DC
Product name RS Relays
Features 3 GHz capable, 10 W carrying power (at 3 GHz), 50/75 Ω, 1 Form C Relays

Spec Detail

As of January 21, 2022
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Item Specifications
Product Number ARS14Y4H
Part Number ARS14Y4H
Protective construction Sealed Type
Terminal shape PCB, SMD, Y layout
Coil voltage 4.5V DC
Nominal Operating Power 200mW
Pick-up voltage 75%V or less of rated voltage (Initial)
Drop-out voltage 10%V or more of rated voltage (Initial)
Frequency range 3GHz
Contact arrangement 1 Form C
Contact material Au
Impedance 50Ω
Contact rating 1W (at 3GHz, Impedance: 50/75Ω, V.S.W.R: Max.1.4), 10mA 24V DC (resistive load)
Isolation Min. 55dB/900MHz, Min. 30dB/3GHz
Insertion (Without D.U.T board's loss) Max. 0.20dB/900MHz, Max. 0.40dB/3GHz
V.S.W.R Max. 1.20/900MHz, Max. 1.40/3GHz
Expected life (Mechanical) (Min.operation) 5x10^6
Expected life (Electrical) Min. 3×105 (10V DC 10mA resistive)
Min. 3×105 (24V DC 10mA resistive) (at 20 cpm)
Min. 3×105 (1W, 3GHz,50Ω, V.S.W.R. Max. 1.4) (at 20 cpm)
Breakdown voltage (Contact-Contact)(Initial) 500Vrms
Breakdown voltage (Contact-Coil)(Initial) 1000Vrms
Ambient temperature -40°C to +70°C
Packing style Tube packing
Operating function Single Side Stable Type

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