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Requests to customers

The products and their specifications that we describe on this site may be modified or become unavailable due to changes in their specifications or manufacturing locations, end of order receiving, or suspension of their manufacture. If you wish to discuss the mass production of those products or plan to order them, please contact our sales representatives to confirm that the information you see on this site is the latest version.

Safety-related instructions

We are doing our best to constantly improve the quality and reliability of our products. However, some electric items/components do in fact fail despite our efforts. The durability of products also varies depending on service environments and conditions. Please check your product under actual service conditions before use. If you continue to use a product in a poor condition, items with deteriorated insulation performance may generate abnormal heat or smoke or even ignite. The product's failure or end of service life may cause accidents involving risks to human health, fire, or danger to the public at large. We advise you to apply safety measures and regular maintenance work, such as the use of redundant design, fireproofing, and malfunction-preventing design, to rule out such accidents.

We classify product quality levels by product applications into "standard level," "special level" and "specific level." For products in the "specific level" category, we offer quality assurance programs that are specified by our customers. Each quality level is defined for products for use in specific applications as listed below.

Standard level

computers, OA equipment, communication equipment, AV equipment, household appliances, machine tools, personal equipment, industrial robots

Special level

transportation equipment (cars, trains, ships, etc.), traffic light apparatuses, security/fire-prevention devices, power equipment, safety devices, medical instruments not used in life-support systems

Specific level aviation instruments, aerospace instruments, atomic power control systems, life-support systems/medical instruments

If you intend to use our products without agreeing product specifications and applications with us, we cannot guarantee the quality of the products in the following cases. Please contact our sales representatives before using the products to confirm product specification and applications.

(1) Using the product for the applications of the "special level" and "specific level" categories mentioned above.
(2) Using the product for the applications of the "standard level" category with a possibility that it may also be used for other applications not covered by specifications and service environment/conditions specified on this website, or having an intention to use the product in the service environment/conditions not specified on this site.
(3) In the above case of (1), using the product for a different model with different service conditions after receiving the product specifications.

Receiving Inspection

Please perform receiving inspection, such as verifying box(es), parts and checking documents attached to delivered items, as soon as you receive parts to your sites. We also highly recommend to keep received parts at well controlled locations to avoid damages of some sort.

Warranty period

The warranty period of products listed on this site shall be one year from the date of purchase or delivery of the products to your designated location unless our company and the customer agree otherwise.

Warranty coverage

If you should find during the warranty period that the product has a defect or flaw for which we are responsible, we will immediately replace the defective product to part with a non-defective one or repair the defective part without charge at the location of purchase or delivery of the product.
However, if the cause of such a defect or flaw is identified as due to any one of the following causes, the above warranty coverage shall not apply.

The warranty defined here shall apply only to the defect or flaw of the product you purchased or that was delivered. It shall not cover indirect damage to the product resulting from its defect or flaw.

(1) The defect or flaw has resulted because of specifications, standards, etc., you applied to the product or the way you handled the product.
(2) Modification of the product's structure, performance, specifications, etc., that you made without acquiring our consent after purchase or delivery of the product has caused the defect or flaw.
(3) The defect or flaw has been caused by a phenomenon that could not be predicted by a technology available at the time of product purchase or contract.
(4) The defect or flaw has been caused by use of the product in a service environment/conditions not specified in the catalogs or specifications.
(5) The defect or flaw that was caused as a result of incorporating the product into your equipment could have been avoided if your equipment had standard functions or a structure that is a common requirement in the industry.
(6) The defect or flaw has resulted due to a natural disaster or unavoidable accident.

When using Panasonic Relays, please make sure to refer to the Cautions for Use.
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