FAYb Laser Marker LP-RF

Simple & High Quality

CE Marking Korean KC FDA GB

CE , Korean KC , FDA , GB Approved
CE : From the production on September, 2019.
GB : Conforming to 7247.1


Tough enough for use in any environment

Compact fan-less head with IP64 rating , Controller offering high resistance to noise

High-speed, high-quality marking

High-performance galvano scanner

The galvano controller and algorithm are designed to achieve optimum balance with the galvano scanner and mirror housed in the compact head. They provide beautiful and stable marking results even when the laser marking is conducted at high speed.

Safety consideration

Duplicate interlock circuit

TThe interlock circuit using a contactor features a duplicate configuration. It reliably shuts off the laser power source unit in the event an abnormality occurs.
In addition, the LP-RF series is complete with safety features such as the broken line notification function and erroneous irradiation detection function.

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