LED Collimated Beam Sensor LA-300

I/O Circuit and Wiring diagrams


NPN output type

LA-A1 NPN output type
Symbols・・・ D1:Reverse supply polarity protection diode
D2:Input protection diode
ZD1, ZD2, ZD3 : Surge absorption zener diode
Tr1, Tr2 : NPN output transistor
Non-voltage contact or NPN open-collector transistor
External synchronization input (Voltage between ES+ and ES– )
Low: 0 to 1 V
High: +V or open
Notes: 1) When ES+ (pink) and ES– (pink/blue) of external synchronization input are connected, both HIGH and LOW comparative outputs are triggered in the mode selected by the external synchronization selection switch.
If the external synchronization function is not used, always short-circuit ES+ and ES– and set the external synchronization selection switch to gate trigger.
2) To use the analog output (gray), choose a device with an input impedance of 1 MΩ, or more, and connect the shield wire of the analog output to 0 V (common input) of the device.
3) Insulate all unused wires individually to avoid miscontact.

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