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Series Contact arrangement Max. switching capacity (current) Nominal coil voltage Terminal shape Operating power Features
2c 1A DC SMD,THD 140mW (DC1.5~12V) , 230mW (DC24V) High sensitivity of nominal operating power 100mW is achived. Compact slim body saves space.
2c 2A DC SMD,THD 140mW (DC1.5~12V) , 230mW (DC24V) High capacity 2 Amp,
Flat and Compact package
2c 2A DC SMD,THD 140mW (DC1.5~12V) , 270mW (DC48V) Best seller with broad lineup and AC 2000 V breakdown voltage.
2c 2A DC SMD,THD 200mW (DC1.5~12V) , 230mW (DC24V) High Breakdown Voltage Relay
2c 1A DC SMD,THD 50mW (DC1.5~12V) , 70mW (DC24V) Very High Sensitivity, 50 mW (nominal operating) Relay with LT style pin layout
2c 1A DC THD 2c 140mW (DC3~12V) , 200mW (DC24V) , 300mW (DC48V) Leading the market, our 5mm 2-pole relays comply with JIS C0806.
1c 1A DC THD 150mW, 200mW Non-polarized 1form C relay that realizes nominal operating power of 150mW.
1c,2c 2A DC THD 400mW(M type), 200mW(S type) High Reliability Relay for Various Applications
2c 2A DC SMD,THD 140mW (DC1.5~12V) , 270mW (DC48V) Small size, controlled 7.5A inrush current possible.
2c 2A DC THD 200mW Miniature relay.

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