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Notes for New Registration

  • 1.Membership is limited to persons whose registration has been approved by Panasonic Corporation
  • 2.Members may cancel their membership registration at any time via the Internet by following the prescribed procedure.
  • 3.Purpose of use of and scope of sharing personal information held by the Company
    Whenever the Company attempts to obtain personal information supplied directly from you in writing or ask you to register your personal information in electronic form, the Company will clarify the purpose of use of your personal information. When the Company attempts to obtain your personal information directly or indirectly via any means other than those mentioned above, the Company will use your personal information only within the scope of the purposes specified below.
    a. To provide you with new product and other information
    b. To provide you with campaign, exhibition, seminar, and other event information
    c. To carry out a questionnaire survey, user test, and others for product planning, development, and sales.
    d. To confirm and reply to your inquiries, and to provide and keep records of consultation services.
    The Company may share your personal information with the Company group's affiliated companies within the scope necessary to fulfill the intended purpose of use of your information.
  • 4.Members may use the member homepages for viewing, printing, or any other type of personal use. Any type of use beyond this, such as reproduction, revision, forwarding, or sending, is not allowed.
  • 5.Panasonic Corporation reserves the right to change, interrupt, or terminate member services or the member homepages without prior notice.
  • 6.You shall not disclose or make available for use to any third party your user name or password.
  • 7.If any registered information is changed, such as addresses, telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses, please make any corrections via the Internet as quickly as possible following the prescribed procedure.
  • 8.Members are asked to set their own passwords. They can be up to 20 characters in length. Any changes to this information may be made after registration is completed by members themselves.
  • 9.Members may, from time to time, receive direct mailings, e-mails, or telephone calls from Panasonic Corporation or Panasonic Group.
  • 10.There may be cases when replies to requests registered on the Questions / Requests for Information or Printed Materials Priority Delivery pages may be unavailable.
  • 11.If you do not use the Web member System within one year of registering, your membership will be deleted. To use the system again, you will have to re-register.

If you agree to the above conditions, please continue to the following page. If you do not agree, please quit now.


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