KS1 Signal Converters Firmware Ver.1.07

Information you need to know before using the software (Essential reading)

About KS1 Signal Converters Firmware Ver.1.07

The latest firmware for the KS1 Signal Converters is available. Configurator WD Ver1.42 or higher should be installed to use the latest firmware. If you use the version below 1.42, upgrade it to Ver. 1.42 or higher from the software download page.

The firmware of the below products is updated;

  • AKS1202 Firmware

Version-Up Information for AKS1202(Ver.1.07)(September 1, 2014 update)

  • Fixed the followings

    - Communication fault correction at the time of more connection.

Version-Up Information for AKS1202(Ver.1.05)

  • Fixed the followings

    -Behavior that the unit might be frozen by rewriting memory when KS1 receives response data in certain condition on COM2 (RS485) serial communication.

Version-Up Information for AKS1202(Ver.1.04)

  • Fixed the followings

    -Behavior that received data from slave unit is deleted, when KS1 redoes the transaction during corresponding in certain condition with termination less setting on RS485 serial communication.

Version-Up Information for AKS1202(Ver.1.03)

  • Fixed the followings

    - MODBUS TCP (RTU, ASCII) Protocol available (addition).
    - Convect the behavior that KS1 returns a previous response before KS1 receives a response from slave when the master unit disconnects and connects TCP connection again after it initially sends a command to KS1.
    - Default value of time out in Ethernet is changed from 0s to 60s.

Version-Up Information for AKS1202(Ver.1.02)

  • Fixed the followings

    - AKS1202 judges receive time out, when it receives abnormal response from the connected device with Mewtocol communication.
    - When connected with multi devices, the setting value of receive time out not becoming as it was set.
    - The maximum setting value of receive time out is expanded to 300sec.

Version-Up Information for AKS1202(Ver.1.01)

  • Fixed the followings

    - The comand where AKS1202 accumulated is sent to the serial communications side when serial communication side doesn't response.

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How to Install

1.Click on the title of the file name (listed below) that you want to download and indicate the download destination.

*When you already have indicated the download destination, the file will be downloaded automatically.

Title Language Version File size Update
ks1sc.zip EN 1.07 232.1KB September 1, 2014

2.When the download is finished, double-click the file to extract and begin the installation process.

After extraction, 'ks1sc.bin' file is created for 'ks1sc.zip'.


3.Turn on the power of KS1 to connect it to PC directly with LAN cable.


4.Change the IP address of KS1 to start IP address setting tool.

Run the Configurator WD from the start menu to select [Setting Software] in [Panasonic MEW Control].Click the search button in order to serach units and select KS1, and click [Edit]-[Setting IP Address] in menu bar.Change the IP Address of AKS1202 displayed in "Setting IP Address" window.

  • *1: Please take notes of IP Address before change as it is required after version-up.
  • *2: Please input first three high ranks of four progression of [Computer] IP address which is displayed in the lower of Configurator WD window  Please input an arbitrary progression that doesn't overlap with [Computer] IP Address to one subordinate position.
  The setting change of IP Address is executed by clicking [OK] of "Setting IP Address"window.

5.Execute the version-up.

Click the search button in order to serach units and select KS1, and click [Edit]-[Update Firmware] in menu bar. Select the download file of 'ks1sc.bin', and click [OK] for executing the version-up.

  • Please be sure not to power off during transfer. After transfer, search KS1 and check if the firmware version is upgraded to the latest version.

6.Change the IP address of AKS1202 to the previous address.

Click the search button in order to serach units and select KS1, and click [Edit]-[Setting IP Address] in menu bar. Reset IP address of AKS1202 which you noted in step 5, and change the IP address by clicking [OK] of "Setting IP Address"window.


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