KW View (Energy consumption displaying tool ware) Ver.1.53

Information you need to know before using the software (Essential reading)

About KW View (Energy consumption displaying tool ware) Ver.1.53

KW View is application software which enables you to check on the PC the logging data in the SD memory card imported by KW1M-H / KW2G-H Eco Power Meter (SD card type).

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Be aware of the following points listed below.
This software is freeware. The copyright for this software is held by Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co., Ltd. By using this software it is assumed that you agree to "Conditions of Use" presented below.

  • 1.This is a software to view the current status easily for the purpose of energy saving.
    We cannot assure the preciseness of the data since the displayed data may differ from the actual data due to the wrong operation of the main unit, or the gap made between the measure- staring time and actual measuring timing.
  • 2.This software is used only for the purpose of self management for energy saving. It is not allowed to be used for billing.

Conditions of Use

  • Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX does not warrant anything regarding the use of this software.
  • Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX will not assume responsibility of any sort for direct, indirect, repercussive, resulting or special damage that results from using this software or from the operation of the software itself.
  • Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX does not restrict the use, copying or distribution of this software.
    However, when copying or distributing, Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX prohibits the procurement of fees other than the cost of media, and prohibits the applying of restrictions in use of the software.

System Requirements

Make sure that the computer on which you intend to run the software meets the minimum specifications listed below.

OS(*2) Windows 8.1 (*1) / 10 (*1)
(Windows XP Professional / Vista Business (*1) / 7 (*1) / 8 (*1))
Available hard disk space More than 100MB
Recommended CPU More than Intel Celelon 700MHz
Recommended system RAM 256MB or more
Recommended display resolution 1024 × 768 or more
Applicable model KW1M-H / KW2G-H Eco-Power Meter
*1 Even if a customer stores a file created by the customer in /Program files, the file will be automatically stored in /userID/AppData/Local/VirtualStore.
*2 From April 1, 2021 WebUP, the supported OS will be Windows 8.1 / 10 only.

※1 High color 32 bit is recommended to use for this software.
※2 KW View specification and manual is subject to change without notice.
※3 Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
※4 The names of companies and products are trademark/registered trademark of each company.

How to Install

1.Click on the title of the file name (listed below) that you want to download and indicate the download destination.

*When you already have indicated the download destination, the file will be downloaded automatically.

Title Language Version File size Update
kwview_freev153(32bit).exe EN 1.53 4.7MB April 1, 2021
kwview_freev153(64bit).exe EN 1.53 5.0MB April 1, 2021

2.When the download is finished, run the file to begin the installation process.

  • During installation be sure to read the License Agreement. Users who continue with the installation are regarded as assenting to the conditions of use in the License Agreement.

3.Installation is completed.

* For details about KW View, refer to the manual "KW View Operation Guide Book".
* For more information about Eco-Power Meter refer to the 'Instruction Manual' included with a product or the 'User's Manual' on website.
* These manuals are available for download. To access data downloads, you must first register as a Control Equipment member.
Manual Title Language File size Update
KW View Operational Guide Book EN 1.5MB April 1, 2021



  • When you'd like to update KW View in PC, already KW View installed, uninstall the previous version before installation of the latest version.
  • Have OS administrator authorization valid, then operate in case of installing, uninstalling or restarting softwares.

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