GT Series Firmware [Latest version]

Information you need to know before using the software (Essential reading)

About GT Series Firmware [Latest version]

The latest firmwares for the GT series are available.Terminal GTWIN should be installed to use the latest firmware.As the usable models and functions of GT series are limited by the version of Terminal GTWIN, we recommend to use the latest version. Download the latest Terminal GTWIN from the software download page.

The firmware of the below products are updated;

  • GT01/GT01R Firmware (gt01m_firmv***.zip)
  • GT02M0/GT02M1/GT02G0/GT02G1 Firmware (gt02m_firmv***.zip)
  • GT02M2/GT02G2 Firmware (gt02m2_firmv***.zip)
  • GT02L Firmware (gt02l_firmv***.zip)
  • GT03M-E Firmware (gt03me_firmv***.zip)
  • GT03T-E Firmware (gt03te_firmv***.zip)
  • GT05M/GT05G Firmware (gt05m_firmv***.zip)
  • GT05S Firmware (gt05s_firmv***.zip)
  • GT11 Firmware (gt11m_firmv***.zip)
  • GT12 Firmware (gt12m_firmv***.zip)
  • GT21C Firmware (gt21c_firmv***.zip)
  • GT32M Firmware (gt32m_firmv***.zip)
  • GT32M-R/E Firmware (gt32mre_firmv***.zip)
  • GT32T Firmware (gt32t_firmv***.zip)
  • GT32T-R/E Firmware (gt32tre_firmv***.zip)

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How to Install

1.Click on the title of the file name (listed below) that you want to download and indicate the download destination.

*When you already have indicated the download destination, the file will be downloaded automatically.

Title Language Version File size Update EN 1.39 354.7KB April 4, 2011 EN 1.84 589.1KB March 22, 2021 EN 2.04 668.1KB March 22, 2021 EN 2.04 741.6KB March 22, 2021 EN 1.34 589.4KB March 22, 2021 EN 1.40 935.9KB June 1, 2022 EN 2.70 746.7KB June 1, 2022 EN 2.60 901.0KB June 1, 2022 EN 1.29 352.6KB April 4, 2011 EN 2.34 754.3KB March 22, 2021 EN 1.19 411.4KB April 4, 2011 EN 2.64 719.1KB March 22, 2021 EN 1.80 940.3KB June 1, 2022 EN 2.64 876.1KB March 22, 2021 EN 1.80 941.8KB June 1, 2022

2.When the download is finished, double-click the file to extract and begin the installation process.

Decompress the download file, then copy 'GT**.****' file to 'C:\Program Files\Panasonic-ID SUNX Terminal\GTWIN\Tools\Sys_Files'.
ex.) 'GT01M.1390' file is created for GT01(Ver.1.39).


3.Run the version-up tool software.

Run the version-up tool from the start menu '[Panasonic-ID SUNX Terminal]-[GTWIN]-[Tools]-[GT Ver_UP]'


4.Select the version of download file.

ex.)For GT01, select 'GT01 monochrome'


5.Power on the GT main unit, and connect it to PC with cable.

Press the [Start] button, then version-up starts. [Complete] dialog box is displayed after completing the tranfer.
*Please be sure not to power off during transfer


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