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Control FPWIN GR7 (with encryption function) Ver.2.33.0 difference file

Information you need to know before using the software (Essential reading)

About Control FPWIN GR7 (with encryption function) Ver.2.33.0 difference file

The Control FPWIN GR7 (with encryption function) Ver.2.33.0 difference file is used to upgrade Ver.1.0 or later to Ver.2.33.0.

This file does not work on its own.
To install this software, Control FPWIN GR7 Ver.1.0 or later must already be installed.

If applicable all the following conditions, separately you need to install the " Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0".

  • Current version is older than 2.7.

This can be downloaded from the following site, please install.
>>Click here to download ".NET Framework 4.0".


System Requirements

Make sure that the computer on which you intend to run the software meets the minimum specifications listed below.

OS Windows®10 *1/ Windows®11 *2
Available hard disk space More than 150 MB
Applicable PLCs FP7 (Compatible with CPU without encryption function.) / FP0R *3 / FP-X *4 / FP-X0 *4 / FP0H*5 / FPΣ *4 / FP2 *4 / FP2SH *4
*1 64 bit edition
*2 64 bit edition. Supported from Ver.2.31.1.
*3 Supported from Ver.2.9 ( For creating divided programs, FP0R version 1.20 or later is required. )
*4 Supported from Ver.2.14.0. However, there are the following restrictions.
- Mnemonic ladder is unsupported.
- IC card operation function of FP2 is unsupported.
- FP0 mode of FP0R is unsupported.
*5 Supported from Ver.2.18.0.

Software License Agreement

Please note that acceptance of the Software License Agreement is a condition for using this software.
Please carefully review the contents of the Software License Agreement included in the installer and proceed with the installation only if you agree to its terms.

How to Install

1.Click on the title of the file name (listed below) that you want to download and indicate the download destination.

*When you already have indicated the download destination, the file will be downloaded automatically.

Title Language Version File size Update
fpwin_gr7s_v2330e.exe EN 2.33.0 270.0MB April 1, 2024
fpwin_gr7s_v2330k.exe KR 2.33.0 270.0MB April 1, 2024

2.When the download is finished, double-click the file to begin the installation process.

  • During installation, be sure to read the License Agreement. Users who continue with the installation are regarded as assenting to the conditions of use in the License Agreement.
  • Input the license numbers written in the user registration card which is included in the FPWIN GR7.
  • If you have a version from to 2.32.3 and updated to 2.33.0, there is a case that the re-start of operating system is necessary during installation.
    After re-starting the operating system, the installation will be started automatically.

3.After completing the installation, reboot the computer.


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