Automotive Applications- Relays, Connectors, Switches -

The progress of technological innovations is expressed as connected, autonomous, shared & services, and electric.

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We aim to become our customers' best partner.

Panasonic will pioneer the future with customers by offering innovative devices and solutions that meet a variety of needs essential to a "car society," including safety/security, comfort, and environment.

Pursuing automotive quality using core technologies exceeding automotive standards

Panasonic offers devices that meet automotive quality standards, such as relays, connectors, and switches supported by its encapsulation and miniaturization technologies, safety cutoff technologies, short-circuit resistance technologies, etc. cultivated over many years.


We aim contributing the electrification and safety of cars by offering EV relays (DC contactors) achieving high-capacity DC cutoff & space saving and Automotive relays capable of large current/voltage cutoff.


We offer detection switches and push switches that are quiet and have an excellent operation feel as contact points between humans and infotainment devices. These products contribute to a comfortable driving environment.


Automotive connectors achieving high vibration resistance and reliability contribute to the improvement of car design and allow the use of fewer components and reduction of assembly person-hours. They will contribute to the weight reduction and improved fuel economy of cars.


Here are four categories of Panasonic automotive relays, connectors, and switches that contribute to customers' problem solving efforts.