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Energy is indispensable for our lives and society ...
How can we best utilize limited energy resources ...
“Energy management” is emphasized in realizing a sustainable energy society

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Realizing a sustainable society together with customers

"Energy management" expected to solve issues such as global warming countermeasures.
We are committed to propose devices and solutions to customers in creating "energy management products“ which will eventually realize energy saving and CO2 emission reduction.

Supports safe and secure energy management

Our focus is to offer reliable relays integrating high-capacity cut-off technologies which we learned from experience as relay manufacture.

“Safe and secure” “Space saving” “Energy saving”

High-capacity relays designed to control high voltage and large current ensure safety when a system or battery error occurs.
We also aim contributing to save space by reducing product size and weight also realize energy saving by reducing power consumption of our products.

“High breakdown voltage” “High capacity” “Long life”

PhotoMOS can control high load voltage required for energy management. It’s semiconductor contacts can reduces power consumption even under frequent operation. This maintenance-free relay will eventually help reducing running cost.


Here are 3 categories of Panasonic devices for energy management and reference data that contribute to customer's problem solving efforts.

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