FP0H Positioning RTEX units Library

Information you need to know before using the software (Essential reading)

About FP0H Positioning RTEX units Library

This is a library for FP0H Positioning RTEX units.
You need Control FPWIN Pro Ver. or later to use this library.
Applicable PLC:FP0H


FP0H Positioning RTEX units Library

Function/Function Block name Type Contents
RTEX_MC_AMP_Monitor FB Function block to monitor status information of the servo driver.
RTEX_MC_AMP_ParameterControl FB Function block to read or write servo driver parameters.
RTEX_MC_AMP_TorqueLimit FB Function block to set a torque limit for the servo driver.
RTEX_MC_AuxiliaryOutput FUN Function to monitor the status of the auxiliary output for each axis.
RTEX_MC_AxisCurrentValue FUN Function to set the current coordinate value for the specified axis.
RTEX_MC_AxisGroupSetting FB Function block to specify which axes belong to an interpolation group.
RTEX_MC_CamAdvanceAngleCorrection FUN Function to correct the response delay of a machine system connected to an electronic cam output or to correct an arithmetic processing delay in the PLC.
RTEX_MC_CamPatternEdit FB Function block to edit the cam pattern.
RTEX_MC_CamSettings FUN Function to read or write the cam function settings of the specified axis.
RTEX_MC_ClearErrorAllAxes FUN Function to clear the errors and warnings of all axes.
RTEX_MC_ConfigHome FUN Use this function to configure home return operations.
RTEX_MC_ElectronicGearSettings FUN Function to read or write the gear function settings.
RTEX_MC_FROMWriteRequest FB Function block to write the settings into the FROM of the unit.
RTEX_MC_Home FB Function block to perform home return operations.
RTEX_MC_MainAxis FUN Function for data preparation which is necessary to use this libraries.
RTEX_MC_MoveAbsolute FB Function block to perform absolute value control.
RTEX_MC_MoveJogVelocity FB Function block to perform JOG operation.
RTEX_MC_MoveRelative FB Function block to perform relative value control.
RTEX_MC_NegativeLimit FUN Function to monitor the negative limit switch for each axis.
RTEX_MC_PositioningDataEdit FB Function block to read or to edit the parameters in the specified range of positioning tables.
RTEX_MC_PositioningMovementChange FB Function block to change the movement amount.
RTEX_MC_PositioningTargetSpeedChange FB Function block to change the target speed.
RTEX_MC_PositioningTargetSpeedRatioChange FUN Function to change the target speed by the specified percentage.
RTEX_MC_PositionStartTable FB Function block to start and control the operation of positioning tables.
RTEX_MC_PositiveLimit FUN Function to monitor the positive limit switch for each axis.
RTEX_MC_Power FUN Function to send a servo ON or servo OFF request signal to the servo driver for the axis specified at dutAxis.
RTEX_MC_PulseInput FUN If the pulse inputs are used for high-speed counting, use this function to change and to monitor the pulse input values.
RTEX_MC_ReadAxisInformation FUN Function to read general information about the specified axis.
RTEX_MC_ReadAxisWarningError FUN Function to read the error code and the warning code of the specified axis.
RTEX_MC_ReadErrorLog FUN Function to read the latest error codes in buffers 1 to 7.
RTEX_MC_ReadWarningLog FUN Function to read the latest warning codes in buffers 1 to 7.
RTEX_MC_ReCalculationRequest FB Function block to request the recalculation of the specified positioning tables.
RTEX_MC_StopDeceleration FUN Function to perform a decelerated stop with the deceleration time which was specified for the selected axis in the corresponding positioning instruction.
RTEX_MC_StopEmergency FUN Function to perform an emergency stop with the specified deceleration time.
RTEX_MC_SyncCancelInformation FUN Function to monitor the synchronous control status for each axis.
RTEX_MC_SyncControl FUN Function to temporarily cancel synchronous control.
RTEX_MC_SyncControlCommonSetting FUN Function to read and write synchronous control settings of the specified axis.
RTEX_MC_ClutchControlSettings FUN Used to read or write the clutch settings of each axis.
RTEX_MC_ClutchOnRequest FUN Used to engage (turn ON) or disengage (turn OFF) the electronic clutch.
RTEX_MC_DeviationCounterClearing FB Used to clear the deviations (differences between each position command value and current position) managed by servo amplifiers.
RTEX_MC_GeneralInput FUN Used to read the status of general-purpose monitor inputs (SI-MON1 / SI-MON2) of the external input signals connected to the amplifier.
RTEX_MC_GeneralOutput FUN Used to control the RTEX operation outputs (EX-OUT1 / EX-OUT2) of the external output signals connected to the amplifier.
RTEX_MC_JpointLatchModeSelection FUN Used to set the latch correction J-point control function.
RTEX_MC_JpointPositoningStart FUN Executing this function during the J-point operation ends the J-point operation, and moves to the process for the next table.
RTEX_MC_JpointSettings FUN Used to read or write parameters related to J-point positioning.
RTEX_MC_JpointSpeedChange FUN Used to make a J-point speed change request.
RTEX_MC_LatchModeRequest FUN Used to request the use of “latch mode with a stop function” for MINAS A6N servo amplifiers.
RTEX_MC_LatchTriggerSelection FUN Used to read or write the settings for external latch input 1, external latch input 2, and external latch input 3, which are input from the amplifier I/O connectors used for latch mode requests.
RTEX_MC_MultiTurnDataClear FB Used to execute multi-turn data clearing.
RTEX_MC_SimplifiedPositionDeviationMonitor FUN Used to execute the simplified position deviation monitor.
RTEX_MC_SystemStop FUN Used to execute the system stop. The deceleration time is fixed at 0 ms.

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Conditions of Use

  • Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX does not warrant anything regarding the use of this software.
  • Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX will not assume responsibility of any sort for direct, indirect, repercussive, resulting or special damage that results from using this software or from the operation of the software itself.
  • Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX does not restrict the use, copying or distribution of this software.
    However, when copying or distributing, Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX prohibits the procurement of fees other than the cost of media, and prohibits the applying of restrictions in use of the software.

How to Install

1.Click on the title of the file name (listed below) that you want to download and indicate the download destination.

*When you already have indicated the download destination, the file will be downloaded automatically.

Title Language Version File size Update
setup_fpwinpro_mc_rtex_fp0h_library_1.2.4.0.zip EN 23.3MB April 17, 2023

2. When the download is finished, please extract the zip file and execute the (*.exe) file to install.

After installation, the folder structure is below.

MC_RTEX_FP0H_Library.sul: Library file

* In Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean folder, the help file (which supports each languages) and sample project is saved.
(The same sample project is saved in Example folder under each language folder)

How to install to FPWIN Pro7 project

1.Start FPWIN Pro7 and open the project file which you will install the library.

2.Please click the right button of mouse on "Libraries" in project navigator and select the "Install/Create…" under "Library".

3.Install/create user library dialog is shown.
Please click the "…" button which is located in the right side of edit box to specify the path for library and help file.

4.Please specify the user library. (*.sul)

5.Please specify the help file. (*.chm)

6.After specifying the library and help file, please click the OK button.

7.If the library is displayed in project navigator, the installation is finished.

Additional information

The library can be opened as read only.

1.Please click the right button of mouse on "MC_RTEX_FP0H_Library [Installed]" in project navigator and select the "Open read-only…" under "Library".

2.The password input dialog is opened. Please input “user” and click OK button.

3.The library is opened as read only.


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