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Conditions of use for CAD data

Please read the following conditions carefully before downloading the CAD data.
This CAD data should not be downloaded unless the user fully agrees with these conditions.
Downloading of the CAD data constitutes agreement with these usage conditions.

  • 1.This CAD data is to be used only for designing components that will use our products.
    Any use of this data for the manufacture of duplicate products based on this data or any use of this data for purposes other than stated above is expressly prohibited.
    (We may decline access by competing companies.)
  • 2.Any downloaded CAD data is to be deleted after being used for the express purpose stated above.
  • 3.This CAD data is not meant to guarantee the specifications of our products.
    No warranty of any kind is provided in the event of damage caused by the use of this CAD data, regardless of the reason for the damage.
  • 4.There is no guarantee that values derived from elements of diagrams contained in the downloaded CAD data match those of the actual product.
  • 5.Due to product improvement, the contents of the CAD data may change without notice.
    Please be aware that users will not be contacted regarding changes made to the downloaded CAD data.
  • 6.When a decision regarding a product has been made, we will request that the diagrams and specifications for approval be requested from our nearest sales office.
  • 7.After downloading the CAD data, Panasonic or Panasonic group companies may call or send e-mail.
  • 8.The CAD Data are provided as neutral data format. Therefore, when importing, it might not be regularly imported.
  • Note) Customers especially using Pro/Engineer
    When importing IGES data, it may have a problem with importing.
    Please use STEP data as far as possible.

Data Specifications

  • 1.Data Format to be provided
    The following data formats are available but only 2D-CAD data are provided for certain products.
3D-CAD : IGES Version 5.3 format (Extension .igs)
  : STEP Version AP214 format (Extension .stp)
  : Parasolid Version 14.0 format (Extension .x_t)
For viewing purposes : Adobe PDF (3D) Version 1.6 format
2D-CAD : DXF Version R12 or R13 format (Extension .dxf)
  • 2.Both 2D-CAD and 3D-CAD data are simplified for reducing the data volume by eliminating certain details (internal structure, small radius, chamfer etc).
  • 3.Zip compression has been applied to all of the 3D-CAD data and some 2D-CAD data. A thawing tool is required for viewing these data.
  • 4.In the case of the product accompanying both 3D-CAD data and 2D-CAD data, the 2D-CAD data provide a simplified drawing format, which has been directly converted from the 3D-CAD data.

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