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Realtime Express(RTEX)

Advanced Network to realize high-precise
real-time performance for Servo Control



High Performance & Low Cost
High Reliability
Easy Development

*Realtime Express and RTEX are registered trademarks of Panasonic Holdings Corporation.

Introducing Realtime Express(RTEX)

RTEX Overview

Let's learn the basic of RTEX.

Difference from Ethernet

Upper layer optimized for servo control
Difference from Ethernet
Note: Ethernet is a registered trademark of Xerox corporation.

Efficient Frame

Simplified frame to realize high-speed real-time control
Efficient Frame

CP Control Needs Isochronous

- Separately positioning
- Not corresponding Start/Stop timing between X and Y.
(Only target position is important.)

e.g.) Semiconductor Machine

- Synchronized positioning
- Corresponding Start/Stop timing
(Route is important as well.)

e.g.) Machine Tool, Robot

Note:CP control depends on a controller specification, and cannot perform with solely servo drive.

Isochronous Transmission

At the same time, commands reflected in all servos.
Isochronous Transmission

Isochronous Accuracy

Servo calculation start signals (XSYNC) inside each drive
Isochronous Accuracy
The number of axes 4
Cable length inter-node 0.3m
Note: Generally, the jitter less than 1 us is ideal.

Fully Synchronization

NC in host controller is synchronized with all servo controls (position, velocity, current) by a unique patented algorithm.
Fully Synchronization

Difference between Pulse and RTEX

Difference between Pulse and RTEX

Cyclic Position Command

Cyclic Position Command

Less Wiring

Less Wiring

Error Correction

Error corrected at going through each node. ▶︎ Strong Noise Immunity
Error Correction

RTEX Specifications

Item Specifications
Speed 100 Mbps
Physical Layer 100BASE-TX Full-duplex by IEEE 802.3u
Cable Shielded Twisted Pair by TIA/EIA-568B CAT5e
Topology Ring
Isolation Pulse Transformer with common-mode choke
Connector 8-pin RJ45 by IEC 60603-7
Cable Length Inter-node: Max. 100 m, Total: Max. 200 m
Noise Immunity 2.5 kV over, IEC 61000-4-4 Level4 compliant
Com. Period * 2 to 0.0625 ms
Update Period * 4 to 0.125 ms
Number of Axes * Up to 32
Motion Interface * Profile Position, Cyclic Position / Velocity / Torque

*Depending on host controller specification.

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