ANPV0504V2ADP | PV500V2(已停產)

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  • 停產時期2021年9月30日
品名 ANPV0504V2ADP
型號 ANPV0504V2ADP
詳細 [4-camera type] PhotoMOS relay output type
產品名稱 PV500V2(已停產)

詳細規格 2021年9月30日的資訊

項目 內容
品名 ANPV0504V2ADP
型號 ANPV0504V2ADP

General specifications

項目 内容
Rated operating voltage 24V DC
Operating voltage range 21.6 to 26.4 V DC (including ripples)
Rated current consumption 2.0 A max.
Ambient temperature during use 0 to +40degrees (no freezing or condensation)
Storage ambient temperature -20 to +60degrees (no freezing or condensation)
Ambient humidity during use 35 to 85%RH (at 25degrees (no freezing or condensation)
Storage ambient humidity 35 to 85%RH (at 25degrees (no freezing or condensation)
Noise immunity 1,000 V, Pulse width: 50 ns, 1 micros (using the noise simulator method)
Vibration resistance 10 to 55 Hz, 1 sweep/min, double amplitude of 0.75 mm, 30 minutes each in the X, Y, and Z directions
Shock resistance 196 m/s2, 5 times each in the X, Y and Z directions
Insulation resistance (initial value) 100 MOhm or higher (measured by a 500 V DC megger) *
Input and output terminals -- Power and ground terminals
Input and output terminals -- Non-energized metal part
Power terminal -- Non-energized metal part
* The evaluation was carried out with the primary side power supply varistor and capacitor removed from the internal circuit of the unit.
Breakdown voltage (initial value) 500 V AC for 1 min (600 V AC for 1 sec), Cutoff current: 10 mA *
Input and output terminals -- Power and ground terminals
Input and output terminals -- Non-energized metal part
Power terminal -- Non-energized metal part
* The evaluation was carried out with the primary side power supply varistor and capacitor removed from the internal circuit of the unit.
Battery life Approx. 10 years (at 25degrees)
Weight Approx. 1.6 kg (incl. terminal blocks and connectors)

Functional specifications

項目 内容
Input/output : Cameras Quad-speed 300,000-pixel camera (640x480) and
2-megapixel camera (1600x1200)
Up to four cameras can be attached.
Input/output : Monitor output XGA (1024x768) output
Input/output : Memory card SD memory card
Input/output : Serial RS-232C x 1, Ether net x 1
PLCs compatible with the RS232C PLC link function
Panasonic Electric Works SUNX: FP Series
Mitsubishi Electric: A, Q, FX (FX1N), and
FX-2N series (FX2N, FX3U, and FX3UC)
OMRON: C, CV, and CS1 series
Allen-Bradley: SLC500
Fuji Electric: MICREX-SX SPH series
Input/output : USB USB 2.0, A-B type
Input/output : Parallel Phoenix terminals: 14 inputs / 15 outputs
MIL terminals: 32 inputs / 32 outputs
Input/output : Keypad input 1 connector for dedicated keypad (ANPVP**)
Menu display Eight languages (nine fonts) switchable
Monitor display Split-screen display of up to four camera images
Zoom function (2 to 400%)
Image display: Through/Memory/NG object images
Display effects: Gray Scale/Thresholding Group/Pre-processing Group
Display area (1024 x 768). 16,770,000 colors
Processing methods Gray scale processing, thresholding processing
Number of connected cameras Up to four cameras(Select between the quad-speed 300,000-pixel camera and the 2-megapixel camera.)
Camera connection Mini camera link connector for connection by camera link (PoCL)
Trigger input Select from: All cameras, individual cameras, detection trigger (all)
Capture method Frame mode only. Partial capture of up to two portions
In partial capture mode, the minimum capture area to be set for the quad-speed
300,000-pixel camera is one line, and that for the 2-megapixel camera is 100 lines.
Shutter speed 30 micros to 1000 ms (Set in increments of 10 micros)
Gain setting range 0.25 to 1.0
No. of product types 25,600 types max. (depends on setting data)
Inspection functions (Checkers) 1,000 checkers/product type max. (depends on setting data)
Position adjustment, Position/rotation adjustment, Rotation adjustment
Area size adjustment, Binary window, Gray window, Binary edge
Gray edge, Feature extraction, Smart matching, Line, Flaw detection
Connector(binary window), Connector(gray window)
Connector(gray edge), Smart edge (circles)
Inspection operation mode Sequential processing: Mode compatible with the conventional model. After completing the result output, the next image capture for inspection can be started.
Parallel processing: After completing the first image capture, the image capture for the next inspection can be started immediately. Image capture and inspection can be processed concurrently.
Slice level group 26 levels/product type, 256-gray scale (0 to 255)
Image preprocess Preprocessing filters: 21 types
For each product type, 5 groups/camera, 10 stages max.
(Dilation, Erosion, Erosion to Dilation, Dilation to Erosion, Auto correction, Gray cut,
Area averaging, Correction settings, Median, Smoothing, Sobel, Prewitt, Laplacian,
Edge extraction X, Edge extraction Y, Sharpen, Tophat, Dynamic, Frequency extraction,
Rotation, and Reflect)
Processing resolution 2-megapixel camera: 1600 horizontal x 1200 vertical pixels
Quad-speed 300,000-pixel camera: 640 horizontal x 480 vertical pixels
Numerical calculation 1,000 formulae/product type max., including those for evaluation result output (depends on setting data)
Calculations involving output values of inspection functions
Judgement output 1,000 formula/product type max., including those for numerical calculation (depends on setting data)
Substitution for and logical calculation of evaluation results from checkers and numerical computations
Data R/W Four-window display of up to 80 (5x16) cells/product type on screen in table form in RUN mode
Substitution of title input, checker conditions/results, numerical calculation results, numerical
calculation judgement results, judgement results, statistical results possible.
Change of upper/lower limits of numerical computation in the table in RUN mode possible.
Conversion data Coordinates, coordinate origin, horizontal and vertical coefficients can be set for each camera to obtain actual dimensions.
Marker 8 markers/product type max. for each camera Graphic display on the operation screen Selectable from eight colors
Collective moving Collective movement of set checkers in units of position/rotation adjustment groups
Set the movement to Yes/No. Position and rotation adjustment checkers cannot be moved.
Template re-registration settings Set position/Adjusted position
Execution mode Execution of all checkers


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