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AC Servo Motors

AC Servo

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MINAS A6 Family

MINAS A6 Family (Motor)

Panasonic AC Servo Motors achieves high speed, large torque, compactness and light weight.A rich product lineup to meet manufacturing needs. Flexible support for various system configurations.

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MINAS A6S Series

MINAS A6S Series

Analog / Pulse train / Modbus type

Multifunction type A6SF
Basic type A6SE
RS485/RS232 Communication type A6SG

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MINAS A6N Series

MINAS A6N Series


Multifunction type A6NF
Standard type A6NE

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MINAS A6B Series

MINAS A6B SeriesSpecial Order Products


Multifunction type A6BF
Standard type A6BE

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MINAS A6L Series

MINAS A6L SeriesSpecial Order Products

Linear and Direct Drive Motor Control Drive

RTEX Standard type A6NL, Multifunction type A6NM
EtherCAT Standard type A6BL, Multifunction type A6BM

* Please contact a supplier for A6SL (Basic type) and A6SM (Multifunction type).

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Application specialized type

MINAS A6 Application specialized typeSpecial Order Products

Displacement Control type A6BU
Linear Gantry Control type A6BN

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MINAS A6 V-frame

MINAS A6 V-frameSpecial Order Products

DC24 V / 48 V type

Pulse train, Modbus/RTEX/EtherCAT
●Rated output:
 DC24 V:50 W, 100 W, 133 W
 DC48 V:50 W, 100 W, 133 W, 266 W

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Dual-axis servo driver

MINAS A6 Dual-axis servo driverSpecial Order Products

Reduced wiring by dual-axis integration
Supports both rotary motors and linear / DD motors

●Rated output:
Max.200 W × 2-axis
Max.400 W × 2-axis
Max.750 W × 2-axis
Max.1 kW × 2-axis

* Please contact for details.

MINAS E Series

MINAS E Series

Compact servo only for position control.

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MINAS A5 Family

MINAS A5 Family


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Setup Support Software 'PANATERM' (AC servo motor) for MINAS A6/A5 Familly PANATERM * This software cannot be used for A4 family Driver (Part No. M*DDT****) and E-series Driver (Part No. M*DET****P). Please purchase optional product DV0P4460.

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