MINAS A6 Family Servo Motor

50 W to 22 kW, Input power supply for Driver: Voltage DC 24 V/48 V・AC 100 V/200 V/400 V, 23 bit Absolute/Incremental・battery-less Absolute/Incremental encoder, Frequency response 3.2 kHz

MINAS A6 Family

CE, UL/U-CL, TUV Approved


Small, light, powerful*1 and speedy

*1 Middle and high inertia types only
*2 MHMF200 W
*3 MHMD200 W


Significantly extended running range by the highest speed and high torque in the industry's highest class.


Enhanced position detecting resolution enables smoother and more precise positioning.

Low vibrations High speed and high precision positioning
*4 Incremental encoder


Easy and quick setting, shortening conventional settling time by approx. 64%*1.

Newly developed fit gain function substantially reduces adjustment time. Adaptive notch filter and various gains can be automatically set and adjusted.

*1 Comparison with conventional product A5Ⅱ Family

Settling time


Adjustment completed in only 3 processes


Realized 3.2 kHz frequency response to improve productivity.

Realizes 3.2 kHz frequency response. At 139% that of conventional models*1, it enables hjgh-speed operation and improves productivity.

*1 Comparison with conventional product A5Ⅱ Family


Reduced maintenance work and trouble.

Lineup of motors protected by high dust-proof, high heat-resistant oil seal (With protective lip)

Motors protected by a highly dust-proof, oil-tight oil seal (with protection lip) have been added to the lineup of motor products equipped with oil seals of conventional specifications. The oil seals of this type of motor are made of a material of higher heat resistance.
You can select appropriate motor type according to your application environment such as dusty, powdery or gear connection necessity.
● Oil-seals (with protective lip) are not available for MSMF motors with flange size 80 mm or smaller.
● MQMF and MHMF motors with flange size of 80 mm or smaller provided with oils seals (with protective lip) are not mounting-compatible with A5 Family models.

Some products are provided with 'protective lip' that prevents dust and oil penetration.


■Applicable oil seals

Flange size Motor type With oil seal With oil seal(with protective lip)
80 mm or less MSMF Mage of nitrile
rubber (NBR)
No setting
Not mounting-compatible with A5 Family products
100 mm or more All Type Mounting-compatible with A5 Family products


IP67 enclosure rating (Motors with flange size of 80 mm or smaller are order-made products)

Direct-mount connectors are used for the motor power supply and encoder input and output to improve sealing performance of the motor to IP67.
● IP67-compatible motors with flange size of 80 mm or smaller are order-made products.
● For environmental conditions of applications, refer to Motor Specification Description.


Geared servomotor


Multifunctional software for quick adjustment support
PANATERM set-up support software

The PANATERM set-up support software, with many added features. The PANATERM assists users in setting parameters, monitoring control conditions, setup support, and analyzing mechanical operation data on the PC screen, when installed in a commercially available personal computer, and connected to the MINAS A6 Family through the USB interface. Choose either English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean-language display.


Battery-less absolute encoder motor

Reduced the battery for the absolute encoder by installing the power generating element in the motor.
In addition to improving maintainability, we support the construction of ecological and economical industrial machines and systems.

Battery-less absolute encoder motor



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Setup Support Software 'PANATERM' (AC servo motor) for MINAS A6/A5 Familly PANATERM * This software cannot be used for A4 family Driver (Part No. M*DDT****) and E-series Driver (Part No. M*DET****P). Please purchase optional product DV0P4460.

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