Realtime Express(RTEX)

Advanced Network to realize high-precise
real-time performance for Servo Control



High Performance & Low Cost
High Reliability
Easy Development

Introducing Realtime Express(RTEX)

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Technical Information

What is RTEX?

Realtime Express is a high speed synchronous motion network developed by Panasonic Corporation.
While being 100 Mbps very high speed (ten times higher than our previous model), the system cost can be kept low by using the commercially available LAN cable.
Because of this reason, industries like semiconductors, liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, electronic parts mounter etc. where strong compatibility between high speed and low cost is strongly required are adopting these products more and more.
In addition, since the protocol is very simple, it is much easier to develop a compliant controller than a general motion network.

100 Mbps Full-duplex
  • Com. speed 100Mbps Full-duplex
  • 32 axes with 100Mbps. At Com. period 0.5ms.(*1)
  • Fully Synchronization
  • Low-cost Ethernet cable(*2)
  • Noise immunity with unique error correction(IEC61000-4-4 compliant)
(*1) Depends on a host controller specification
(*2) CAT5e STP
* Realtime Express and RTEX are registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation.

System Structure

System Structure

High-Efficiency Ring Topology

Ring Topology.png

Global Collaboration

Global Collaboration

All-in-One Motion I/F

All-in-One Motion I/F
Note: Profile Position is applicable to only “Point to Point (PTP)” control.

Combination of Period, Axes and Modes(A6NE、A6NF)

Update Period
Com. Period Max. # of Axes (*) Available Mode  
16-byte Mode 32-byte Mode
4.000 ms 2.000 ms 32 16 PP, CP, CV, CT  
2.000 ms 2.000 ms 32 16 PP, CP, CV, CT  
2.000 ms 1.000 ms 32 16 PP, CP, CV, CT  
1.000 ms 1.000 ms 32 16 PP, CP, CV, CT  
1.000 ms 0.500 ms 32 16 PP, CP, CV, CT Typical
0.500 ms 0.500 ms 32 16 PP, CP, CV, CT  
0.500 ms 0.250 ms 16 - PP, CP, CV, CT  
0.250 ms 0.250 ms 16 - PP, CP, CV, CT  
0.250 ms 0.125 ms 8 - CP, CV, CT  
0.125 ms 0.125 ms 8 - CP, CV, CT  
0.125 ms 0.0625 ms 4 - CP, CV, CT  
Com. Period : Frame transmitting period
Update Period : Data inside the frame updating period
* If some devices except servo is also connected on RTEX, this number is decreased.

Update and Communication Period

Shorter communication period makes quick response.
Update and Communication Period
Note: The same command is transmitted two times. If previous command has communication error, the subsequent one is used in servo.

Shorter Update Period

More precisely on high-speed CP control in micro circular interpolation such as laser machine and LCD dispenser.
Shorter Update Period

Increased the number of points per distance makes command position more smooth in addition to new high-resolution encoder.

Monitoring Item Examples

  • Drive Model No.
  • Drive Serial No.
  • Firmware Version
  • Motor Model No.
  • Motor Serial No.
  • Alarm Code (History)
  • Warning Code
  • Parameters
  • Actual Position
  • Actual Velocity
  • Torque
  • Position Error
  • Encoder Resolution
  • Commanded Position
  • Latched Position
  • Commanded Velocity
  • Re-Generative Ratio
  • Over-Load Ratio
  • Inertia Ratio
  • Rotor Mechanical Angle
  • Rotor Electrical Angle
  • Absolute Multi-turn Data
  • P-N Voltage
  • RTEX Com. Error Count
  • Encoder Com. Error Count
  • X4 Connector I/O
  • Power-ON Time
  • Drive Temperature
  • Encoder Temperature
  • Relay Switch Times
  • Fan ON Time
  • Fan Life Time
  • Capacitor Life Time

Precise Position Latch

After the encoder position is latched at trigger input, it is sent to the host controller with RTEX.
Precise Position Latch

Feed-Forwards from Host Controller

High-resolution feed-forward from host controller is effective for both high-response and low-vibration.
Feed-Forwards from Host Controller
* In 16-byte mode, either velocity or torque FF available.
* Torque FF is also useful for torque compensation in “Stick Motion” of circular interpolation.

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