Data Logger Light (DLL) (Discontinued Products)


General specifications

Item Description
Rated operating voltage 100 to 240V AC
Allowable operating voltage range 85 to 264V AC (85 to 110 % of rated operating voltage)
Rated frequency 50 / 60Hz
Allowable momentary power-off time Max.10ms
Rated output voltage 24V DC
Output voltage range 21.6V to 26.4V DC
Rated output current 0.2A*1
Ambient temperature -10 to +55°C   +14 to +131°F
Storage temperature -25 to +70°C   -13 to +158°F
Current consumption Max. 230 mA (at 100 V AC)
Weight 200 g approx. (Excluding battery)

*1 If a current load over the specified level is continuously applied, the unit may break down. When a short circuit is detected, the whole power supply of Data Logger Light will be shut down.

Function specifications

Item Description
Data Accumulation Logged
Description Instantaneous, difference, average, minimum, and maximum values
Data format
(Valid for the register system)
16-bit integers (signed/unsigned),
32-bit integers (signed/unsigned),
64-bit integers (signed/unsigned),
HEX (4-digits/8-digits), Real number
Number of registrable files 16
Number of registrable devices*1 300 points/1 file
Stored to*2
  • Internal memory (SRAM) : 1 MB
  • SD/SDHC memory cards : 2 to 32 GB
File system VFAT / FAT / FAT32
Stored format CSV file type
Number of storable files 100
Trigger Trigger type
  • Constant cycle (user-selectable from 1 second to 24 hours)
  • Contact status (rising edge, falling edge, both edges, accumulation ON time, number of accumulation open/close operations, ON status, and OFF status)
  • Specified time (every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year, and specified time)
  • Register (=, >, <, ≠)
  • Trigger combinations (AND, OR)
Number of registrable 128
E-mail sending function Transmission network LAN
E-mail content Title: Within 16 one-byte or 8 two-byte characters
Body: Within 256 one-byte or 128 two-byte characters
Number of registrable 64 (with no files attached)
Network function Communication protocol TCP/IP, UDP/IP
Application protocol SMTP (Capable of POP/APOP authentication),
FTP (client/server), SNTP, DHCP, DNS

*1 The maximum total number of points for registrable devices is always 300, for 16 files.
*2 The internal memory can store data using the backup battery.
Please note that data stored in the internal memory may be lost when the battery has been depleted.

Communication specifications


Item Description
Interface IEEE802.3U, 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX
Connector type RJ45
Transmission speed 10Mbps / 100Mbps
Transmission method Base band
Max. segment length 100m 328ft
Communication cable UTP (category 5)
Functions Auto-negotiation function,
MDI/MDI-X auto-crossover function

* Ethernet is a registered trademark of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. and Xerox Corporation.

<RS232C and RS485>

Item Description
Interface RS-232C (Not isolated
from the internal circuit)
RS-485 (Isolated
from the internal circuit)
Communication style 1:1 communication 1:N communication
Number of connected units 1 unit 99 units*1 *2
Communication method Half-duplex
Synchronous system Synchronous communication method
Transmission distance 15m 49 ft Max. 1200m 3,937 ft*3
Transmission speed 4,800 / 9,600 / 19,200 / 38,400 / 57,600 / 115,200 bps
Stop bit 1-bits / 2-bits
Parity Odd / Even / None
Data length 7-bits / 8-bits*4
Protocol MEWTOCOL / Modbus RTU

*1 When using a PC as a slave station, you are recommended to use SI-35 or SI-35USB of LINEEYE Co., Ltd. as an RS485 interface.
*2 When using SI-35, SI-35USB, our Eco-POWER METER or our PLC (which can be connected up to 99 units), up to 99 units can be connected. In case using this system with other devices, up to 31 units can be connected.
*3 The transmission distance is limited by the transmission speed and the number of units connected. When the speed is 38,400 bps or lower, the maximum transmission distance is 1,200 m 3,937 ft, and the number of units is 99.
*4 With Modbus RTU protocol, it works only with 8-bit.

External memory specifications

<SD memory card slot>

Item Description
Support media*1 SD / SDHC memory card
Supported format standards*2 SD / SDHC standard conformance
Capacity 2 to 32 GB
Speed class Class2 to Class10

*1 Please use the SLC type SD memory card.
*2 The use of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is recommended because data damage may occur in case of instant power failure during writing.
*3 Refer to the user manual regarding SD memory card handling.

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