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Technology introduction

Introducing MID Solutions

MID Solutions

MID technologies contribute to the creation of added value in a multitude of devices.

We offer our proprietary “MIPTEC”, MID (Three-dimensional injection molded circuit component) technologies to form circuits on the surfaces of injection molded components.
We do this through custom orders to meet the diverse needs of our customers who seek “miniaturization”, “feature advancement” and “improve efficiency” in their devices.

Other technology information

Strong resistance to various enviroments.

For Board to Board and Board to FPC Connection. Narrow-pitch Connector Series F4S, F4, P5KF, P5KS.

Cutting-edge Technology Brings the Future Closer

Optics holds the key to advances in the next generation of communications network. Panasonic has the advanced techology and accumulated expertise to fully support the optical-based communications of tomorrow.

High Voltage Cutoff Technology

It contributes to the exhaust gas deletion and the energy saving and making to clean.

What's New

April 1, 2013

Package AAM11 Series for Infrared LED Module

Realization of high efficiency package through small and low-profile reflector structure.

October 30, 2012

We've relaunched our MIPTEC website!

Check out the latest information of the 3D Packaging Technology.

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