Panasonic Relays, Connectors, Switches SELECTION GUIDE

  • Realize high reliability by original contact technology
  • Extensive variation
  • Silent switch with both-sided sliding contact available
  • Long stroke for move assembling position allowance
  • IP67 type (Immersion protected)

  • Wide selection: U, J, S, and Z types
  • Space-saving compact horizontal/vertical limit switches. Long-life and highly reliable. Compliant with overseas standards.
  • Series includes rocker and push-button switches
  • Rubber cap also available in silicon type for excellent weather resistance

  • High quality achieved by a design for good operation feel
  • High inrush current resistance is ideal for power switch of office automation equipment
  • A broad product line
  • Contact gap: 3mm Min.
  • Contributes to safety countermeasures by detecting machine tilt

Lineup What's New

March 1, 2021

RoHS compliance certificate download service has been updated (Added Connectors, Switches and Encoders / Potentiometers)

This service will issue a PDF certificate in our company's designated format for the part number you have specified.

December 15, 2020

Turquoise Stroke mini Switch Resistor installed type

・A built-in resistor has enabled detection of disconnection and short circuit of wiring
・Small seal switches
・Silent operation with sliding contacts

May 28, 2020

Energy Manegement Applications - Relays, Solid State Devices - open new window

Here are 3 categories of Panasonic devices for energy management and reference data that contribute to customer's problem solving efforts.

April 1, 2020

Pearls of Wisdom on Automation Controls open new window

This website introduce handy information including on Automation Controls-related products and tips contributing to the resolution of issues faced by engineers.

March 2, 2020

Launch a product site of Encoders, Potentiometers!

Panasonic provides a wide variety of Encoders, Potentiometers with high reliability by original contact technology and proposes various operation methods and optimum click feeling to meet customers' needs.

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