Compact Laser Displacement Sensor HL-G1

Introducing the new standard in CMOS laser displacement sensors

Compact Laser Displacement Sensor HL-G1
CE Marking FDA

CE , FDA Approved

In December 2013, Diffuse reflection type and Specular reflection type have been added to the product line-up.

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Application Proposal

Compact Laser Displacement Sensor HL-G1 Application Proposal Introducing application for the HL-G1 series which is a compact, self-contained laser displacement sensor.
Please utilize this information to have improvement and efficiency in your production.

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Setup is fast and efficient by using the built-in digital display to set measurement parameters such as sampling cycle and output options.

■ Easy input settings while looking at digital display

The built-in digital display makes it easy to perform sensor setting while checking displacement values.

Easy configuration using the digital display

■ Easy to embed in machines and production lines thanks to a built-in controller

Controller installation and mounting space is not required because controller function is included in sensor unit.

Easy to embed in machines and production lines thanks to a built-in controller


The HL-G1 series features a compact design despite its built-in controller and digital readout. Thanks to our miniaturization technology, it can easily be installed on robot arms and in confined spaces.

■ Compact size despite the built-in controller and digital readout

Compact size despite the built-in controller and digital readout

■ Lightweight body that can be installed on movable parts
Its lightweight resin body weighs 70 g approx., which can be installed on moving parts such as sliders and robot arms. Cable with superior flexibility is fitted as standard.

■ IP67 protective enclosure protects from water and dust

Thanks to its IP67 protective enclosure, the HL-G1 can be used in the presence of water and dust. Mounting holes are lined with metal sleeves, allowing the instrument to be tightened securely in place with up to 0.8 N・m of torque.

IP67 dust- and water-proof protective enclosure


The HL-G1 series now features a user-friendly interface that offers improved ease of use when operating via computer software or HMI unit for more sophisticated operation and analysis.

■ Software tool for sensor configuration and evaluation

In addition to configuring up to 16 sensors at once, this free tool makes it easy to gather data needed for analysis, such as received light waveform monitoring and data buffering. The interface language can be selected at the time of installation.

・Data buffering
Stores and displays measurement data, which can be superimposed on previously recorded data for easy comparison and analysis.

・Received light waveform display
Displays measured values as well as the output state for each terminal.

Software tool for sensor configuration and evaluation

・Measured value display
Displays measured values as well as the output state for all terminals.

Operating environment
PC environment PC/AT compatible
OS OS 32/64 Edition Service Pack
Windows® 7 32bit/64bit Professional -
Windows® 8.1 Pro
Windows® 10
CPU 2 GHz or more
Graphics SXGA (1280 x 1024 full colors) or more
Memory 2 GB or more
Hard disk Free space 100 MB or more
USB interface USB 2.0 full speed (USB 1.1 compatible)
* Windows® 10 Pro, 8.1 Pro and 7 Professional are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United State and other countries.

* This software accommdates below language. You can select the language when installing.
・Japanese ・English ・Korean ・Chinese

■ HMI screen data for sensor setting and data indication

The GT02 / GT12 series HMI can be used in combination with the HL-G1 to allow easy confirmation of sensor status and configuration of sensor settings from a remote location. Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean are supported. For more information about the GT series, refer to the GT series new window

HMI screen for the HL-G1 series
Select from the following HMI operator panels:
Power supply: 24 V
Communications port: RS422 (RS485)
・AIG12GQ14D / AIG12GQ15D
・AIG12MQ14D / AIG12MQ15D

■ Software Download
Software tool and HMI screen data are available for download.
*Membership registration is required to access/download this data.

>>Go to Data download.

I/O to accommodate multiple needs

・Timing input and multi input
Inaddition to timing input select the desired input according to your application:
・Zero set on/off ・Reset ・Laser control ・Teaching ・Memory switching ・Saving

・Featuring 3 outputs and an analog 2 outputs
With three outputs, the HL-G1 can be used to generate HI/GO/LOW judgment output or alarm output. The analog output can be used in both current and voltage modes.

Fewer model numbers to register

・Support for both NPN and PNP polarity
A single model number accommodates both NPN and PNP wiring polarity, reducing the number of model numbers that must be registered for maintenance purposes.

Smooth setup changes

・Memory switching function
Up to four groups of sensor settings can be stored for fast recall. Easy switching among setting groups allows smooth setup changes.

Global Support

Thanks to high-precision measurement at a resolution of 0.5 μm 0.02 mil and an LED digital display that provides exceptional ease of use, the HL-G1 series will see use in a variety of applications on production lines worldwide.

Global Support

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