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Motion Controller GM1

PLC + Motion + Communication 【All-in-one】

RTEX type
EtherCAT type
CE Marking UKCA Korean KC

UL , CE , Korean KC , UKCA Approved
UL , CE , Korean KC , UKCA: Marking conformity
Korean KC: PNP type complies from May 2024 production lot.

April 2022 Hello! GM1(Technical Information) has been added.

Technical Information are available for download.
>>Hello! GM1


PLC + Motion + Communication

Integrate PLC and motion

High speed motion control Fastest cycle 500μs
Multitask control by function aggregation

Motion control
• Positioning / Speed control / Torque control
• Cam synchronization, Gear synchronization, CNC control
Multitask control
• High speed motion control
• Display / Device / Upper communication
• Data processing

Standardization of PLC programming

Break away from manufacturer-dependent programming

Programming: IEC61131-3 standard compliant, PLCopen
Supports 6 languages: LD / ST / FBD / SFC / IL / CFC
Componentization by library function
Supports object orientation

*It can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

Enhanced communication between the upper level and the device

Supports various network protocols

Supports various network protocols

Cam synchronous control expanded so that anyone can use it

Extended cam editor [Ver.1.4 Additional Features]

Create cam waveforms more easily by intuitively editing graphs and numerically editing sections.

Extended cam editor

Supports multiple types of cam waveforms [Ver.1.4 Additional Features]

You can freely draw a cam waveform using a generic cam curve.
Applies to applications using dedicated cam curves.

Supports multiple types of cam waveforms

Function blocks optimized for each application
■ Floating Trapezoid [Patent pending][Ver.1.4 Additional Features]

It combines the versatility of a trapezoid with the connectivity of a quintic curve. You can create cam waveforms that suppress rapid acceleration and deceleration.

Floating Trapezoid
It has about twice the editing freedom of a conventional curve.
Floating Trapezoid
Check the waveform and use the sliders to adjust the time distribution for each section.

■ Rotary cutter

In packaging machines and cutting machines, it is possible to perform cutting operations that synchronize the speed of the cutter blade with the feed direction of the product. The cut surface is cleaner than the cutting method with constant circumferential speed.

Rotary cutter

Expanding CNC synchronous control so that anyone can use it

CNC program editor

You can easily create a program for the first time because you can check the trajectory while writing the program.

CNC program editor

Supports various CNC programs
■ 2-axis, 3-axis linear (circular) interpolation

Move from current coordinates to target coordinates by linear (circular) interpolation

Supports various CNC programs

■ Coordinate transformation

Work and tool coordinates are also supported.

Coordinate transformation

■ Smooth the path, add R to the path

Path connections can be changed to smooth trajectories.

Smooth the path, add R to the path

■ Iterative processing

Possible to repeat by incrementing the counter or by conditional branching.

Iterative processing

■ Change of machining plane, coordinate transformation

Set the plane on which circular interpolation will be performed. 3D processing is also applicable.

Change of machining plane, coordinate transformation

■ Tool diameter compensation

Correction is performed at the specified distance inside and outside the rectangle.

Tool diameter compensation

■ Tool length compensation

Correct the path according to the tool length used.

Tool length compensation

■ H-switch function

This function allows you to turn the IO output ON/OFF when the interpolation movement distance reaches a predetermined amount.

H-switch function

■ Subprograms

Programs can be modularized.


Achieve object-oriented programming

• Divided implementation by POU (program configuration unit)
• Program part, function part (FB, FUN), variable definition part (structure, enumeration, union)
• FB methods and inheritance (equivalent to class concept), interfaces available
• Realization of componentization by library function

Achieve object-oriented programming

Sample image of modularization and structuring

Realization of highly readable programs through modularization and structuring.
Contributes to reducing design man-hours as it is easy to reuse designs.

Sample image of modularization and structuring

Project data management is possible

Recipe manager function
• Management of product type data
• Backup / restore of retained data
Recipe manager function
Project management function
• Operation of the main unit or program (FB)
• Project backup to SD
• Project restore from SD
Project management function

Communication settings can be set easily

Easy registration to OPC UA server

(1) Enabling/disabling OPU UA server
Enabling/disabling OPU UA server
(2) Check and register the variables to be published.It can support OPC UA, which is attracting attention in IoT, with only setting (no program required).
Check and register the variables to be published.It can support OPC UA

Easily program MQTT clients compatible with PubSub model [Ver.1.4 Additional Features]

By building an asynchronous communication system, it is possible to add or reduce equipment while the site is in operation.

Easily program MQTT clients compatible with PubSub model

Also supports FTP server, DNS, and SNTP connections.

Compliance with international standards

Conformed standards Standard number
EU/UK Standards EMC EN 61131-2
RoHS EN IEC 63000
UL Standards UL61010-1, UL61010-2-201
CSA Standards C22.2 No.61010-1-12, C22.2 No.61010-2-201
Radio Waves Act
(South Korea) (KC)
KN 61131-2

EMC : Electromagnetic Compatibility
RoHS : Restriction of Hazardous Substances
IEC : International Electrotechnical Commission
EN : Europaischen Norman
UL : Underwriters Laboratories
CSA : Canadian Standards Association
KC : Radio Waves Act (South Korea)

The motion controller is a Class A device (commercial broadcasting communication device) under Radio Waves Act(South Korea).
Please use this product after recognizing the following precautions.

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