LED Type Wafer Alignment Sensor Controller HD-T1

Cautions For Use

  • Never use this product as a sensing device for personnel protection.
  • In case of using sensing devices for personnel protection, use products which meet laws and standards, such as OSHA, ANSI or IEC etc., for personnel protection applicable in each region or country.
Make sure to use the sensor head and the controller together as a set.


Sensor head

  • Mount the sensor head using 2 pcs. M4 hexagon-sockethead bolts (purchase separately) with a tightening torque of 0.5 N·m or less.
  • Do not remove the screws fixing the emitter / receiver and the mounting base. If removed, the output value will change.
  • Do not fix with the screws, using the mounting hole on the side of emitter / receiver.

Sensor head

<In case of using DIN rail>
[1] Fit the front part of the mounting section of the unit on the 35 mm 1.378 in width DIN rail, pressing the stopper towards the arrow (the stopper is locked) shown in the right figure.
[2] Press down the rear part of the mounting section of the unit on the 35 mm 1.378 in width DIN rail to fit it.

In case of using DIN rail

* For removal, insert a flat-bladed screwdriver into the groove of the stopper and pull the handle backwards.

<In case of using screws>

  • Mount using M4 pan head screws with a tightening torque of 1.2 N·m or less.

In case of using screws


  • Analog output of controller does not incorporate a shortcircuit protection circuit. Do not connect it directly to a power supply or a capacity load.
  • Care should be taken that static electricity is not applied to the connector during wiring. It may damage the product.
  • Take care that wrong wiring will damage the product.
  • Cable extension is possible up to total 3 m 9.843 ft with 0.3 mm2, or more, cable. Note that the cable length of the sensor head cannot be changed.
  • Do not apply stress such as forced bending and pulling to the cable joint.
  • Make sure to use an isolation transformer for the DC power supply. If an autotransformer (single winding transformer) is used, this product or the power supply may get damaged.
  • In case a surge is generated in the used power supply, connect a surge absorber to the supply and absorb the surge.


  • Do not use during the initial transient time (0.5 sec. approx.) after the power supply is switched on.
  • This product outputs according to the amount of LED light received. Optical power varies between the center and the periphery of sensing range, and note that dimensional accuracy cannot be assured.
  • Do not allow any water, oil, fingerprints, etc., which may refract light, or dust, dirt, etc., which may block light, to stick to the emitting / receiving surfaces of the sensor head. In case they are present, wipe them with a clean, dust-free soft cloth or lens paper.
  • If the sensing object is specular or transparent object, note that accurate measurement may not be possible.

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