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Ultra-compact Ionizer ER-V

No. 1* in ability to accommodate a range of applications thanks to outstanding ion balance, robust dust resistance, and an extensive nozzle selection
* In-company survey


UL , CE , CSA , UKCA Approved
UL, CSA : Certified by TÜV SÜD America Inc. (ER-VS02 only)


Optimized discharge needle tip shape for even more stable ion-producing power [ER-VS02]

The discharge needle tip’s spherical shape enables more stable ion production while making it less likely that the shape of the tip will change over time as a result of electrical discharge.

Improved maintenance cycle [ER-VS02]

Stable ion-producing performance contributes to a longer maintenance cycle, which has been improved to one month or longer* in the ER-VS.
(* When used in an operating environment that complies with Panasonic Industrial Device SUNX requirements)

Selection of nozzles for different applications

In addition to eight standard nozzle types, including shower and tube nozzles, We offers a range of differently shaped nozzles (including made-to-order models).

Ultra-compact design accurately removes charges of objects even from narrow spaces

The main unit is merely 109 x 27 x 28 mm 4.291 x 1.063 x1.102 in, so it can easily be combined with other devices and also be installed as an add-on. Furthermore, the highvoltage power supply is built-in, so no extra space is required except for the ionizer itself.

Ultra-compact design accurately removes charges of objects even from narrow spaces

Produces excellent ion balance

The adoption of high-frequency AC method allows extremely stable ion balance to be achieved. Because the ion balance is not affected by the pressure of air supplied or by the setup distance, no troublesome adjustments are required after setup.

Produces excellent ion balance

High performance with no controller needed

A full range of functions have been provided with full consideration given to ease of use in the workplace. No separate controller is needed.

- Discharge halt input
A signal from an external device can be used to turn discharge ON and OFF.
Sensors can be used to detect the objects so that the ion air is generated only when required.

Discharge halt input

- Discharge indicator
The discharge ON / OFF status can be checked using an LED display. This lets you avoid problems such as when the power is on but no discharge is occurring.

Discharge indicator

Easy discharge needle maintenance

The discharge needle can be removed from the rear of the main unit, so there is no need to remove the nozzle when replacing the needle. Maintenance is easy even when the ion air outlet is located close to the object.

Easy discharge needle maintenance

Low power consumption and low-voltage wiring

The power supply voltage is 24 V DC, and the power consumed is only 70 mA.
In addition, safety is enhanced because no high-voltage cables are required.

Safe design

A "checking function" and an "abnormal discharge monitoring function" are provided to notify the operator when it is time to clean or replace the discharge needle and to prevent discharge problems from occurring. Each function has an LED display to use for checking. The output from each function can also be used to externally monitor the status of the ionizer during operation.

Safe design

Discharge needle is covered by the nozzle

The discharge needle does not protrude from the main unit, so it cannot be touched by accident. Furthermore, no leaks can occur when it is brought close to metallic objects.

Discharge needle is covered by the nozzle

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