V Series (LC Connector type)

High-speed transmission of large data can be easily achieved Intra- or Inter-device connection.


  • Long-distance high-speed, wide data rate transmission, and relay connections are possible.

  • Easily achieved long-distance transmission by relay connection with a Duplex-LC connector. (Compliant IEC61754-20 standard)

  • Separable optical transmission part for easy wiring and assembly.

  • Easily achieved optical transmission by connecting an electrical connector to PC board.

  • High-speed transmission with noise resistance or electrical isolation.

  • Small, lightweight, wire-saving, and low power consumption for high-speed transmission.


  • Measuring equipment, Image processing instrument, Industrial robots, Printer, Medical equipment, etc. and other high speed transmission, noise reduction and electrical isolation applications


Specifications (1 channel-Bi-direction)

This product has a structure requiring an insertion force for mating, but the mating may come off when an external force is applied to the plug, impact is applied by dropping, or vibration is applied in equipment. Sufficient caution should be used with the equipment to avoid such incidents.

Rated specifications (per channel)

Item Min. Typ Max. Unit Condition
Supply voltage 3.2 3.3 3.4 V Including ripple
Power consumption - - 115 mW -
Transmission rate 0.02 - 8 Gbps 8b/10b coding
Input/output characteristic impedance 80 100 125 Ω -
Differential input voltage 400 - 1600 mVpp peak-to-peak
Input common mode voltage 150 - 340 mV *1
Input total jitter - - 0.24 UI *2
Input rise-time - - 0.30 UI 20 to 80% *2, *3
Input fall-time - - 0.30 UI 20 to 80% *2, *3
Differential output voltage 300 440 550 mVpp peak-to-peak *2
Output common mode voltage 150 250 275 mV *2
Output rise-time - - 0.50 UI 20 to 80% *2
Output fall-time - - 0.50 UI 20 to 80% *2
Output total jitter - - 0.60 UI Dj + Rjpp *2

*1: When performing AC coupling, the input common mode voltage is 0 to 1.8 V.
*2: Input data pattern is PRBS 27-1. Rjpp is equivalent to BER 10-12.
*3: When the transmission rate is under 1.5 Gbps, the time is up to 200 ps.

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Use conditions

Item Performance Remarks
Operating ambient temperature 0 to +70°C No icing or condensation.
Storage temperature -20 to + 50°C (packaged form)
-20 to + 85°C (product only)
No icing or condensation.
Electrical discharge ±2 kV Applied 3 times on the external shell
C = 100 pF, R = 1.5 kΩ
C = 150 pF, R = 330 Ω
Electromagnetic immunity Conformed to IEC61000-6-2 standard -
Electromagnetic interference Conformed to IEC61000-6-4 standard -
Optical fiber minimum
bending radius
15 mm -
Plug pressing force Max. 20 N -
Insertion and removal life of plug 50 times Repeated insertion and removal cycles of
Max. 200 times/hour
Duplex-LC connector specification Compliant IEC61754-20 standard -
Connecting relay fiber OM-3 GI50/125 multimode fiber
fiber length: <100 m
In the case of optical active connectors with two adapters connected to both ends of the relay fiber.
Laser Product Class 1 Laser Product
Center wavelength: 850 nm, <2.2 mW
IEC60825-1 Ed. 2:2007
IEC60825-1 Ed. 3:2014

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Materials specifications

Component name Materials Specifications and Remarks
Shell Copper alloy Ni plating
Bushing Elastomer -
Optical fiber Silica, UV-cured resin 0.4 x 0.6 mm
2 cores GI multimode fiber
core: φ50 μm, clad: φ125 μm
Connector LCP resin, copper alloy Terminal (Au-plating on Ni-base)
Photoelectric conversion PC board Glass-fibered epoxy, epoxy resin, etc. -
Laser diode GaAs -
Photodiode GaAs -
Duplex-LC connector PEI resin, etc. Compliant IEC61754-20 standard

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