PhotoMOS for Automotive Applications

PhotoMOS for Automotive Applications

PhotoMOS for Automotive Applications

Panasonic Industry has a lineup of PhotoMOS for automotive applications (BMS, etc.).
Strict quality control is required even for parts for automotive applications.
We, Panasonic Industry have achieved automotive quality by conducting strict quality control (process control, confirmation of usage conditions, and individual control for each part number), and have sold more than 100 million units in total.

PhotoMOS lineup for Automotive Applications

Part number Package Contact configuration Load voltage*1
(absolute maximum ratings)
load voltage*2
Ambient temperature
Operating Storage
AQW216HAX C*8 DIP 8 (SMD) 2 Form A 600 V 360 V -40 to +85°C *3 -40 to +100°C *3
AQV219HAX C*9 DIP 6 (SMD) 1 Form A 900 V 540 V
AQV258HAX C*9 DIP 6 (SMD) 1 Form A 1,500 V 900 V

*1. Load voltage: Peak value for AC
*2. A load voltage of 60% of the absolute maximum rating is recommended.
Please take sufficient derating from the absolute maximum ratings and conduct safety tests with the actual equipment.
*3. Please contact our sales representative for support from -40 to 105°C
*4. We also have a lineup of products other than the above (load voltage 60 V product, etc.), so please feel free to contact our sales representative.

▼ Click here for a detailed catalog.

PhotoMOS for Automotive

Case studies for circuit

Please take a look at this document that summarizes how PhotoMOS for Automotive Applications are used in actual circuits.

▼ PhotoMOS used for BMS applications are described with reference circuit diagrams.

PhotoMOS for In-vehicle BMS


Also, please see this web page for the entire automotive application including switches and connectors other than relays.

▼ Automotive Applications - Relays, Connectors, Switches –

Automotive Applications - Relays, Connectors, Switches –

■ In case of selecting PhotoMOS for Automotive Applications

For automotive applications, automotive grade PhotoMOS are required due to the automotive strict quality control.
When using PhotoMOS for automotive applications, please keep the above points in mind and contact our sales representative.

■ About specification reviews (Confirmation of usage conditions)

For automotive applications, confirmation of usage conditions through specification reviews are required.
Since it is important and necessary to prevent performance, quality and reliability problems, please contact our sales representatives.

  • Target application
  • Target levels of quality and reliability
  • Circuit information (load level, driving method and etc.)
  • Usage conditions
  • And the concept of fail-safe.

■ About derating design

Sufficient derating is required for the absolute maximum rating when designing a system.
Please also check it with the actual equipment.
It is recommended to use a voltage of 60% (or less) of absolute maximum rating and a load current 50% (or less) of absolute maximum rating.
It is the responsibility for the customer to design the safety of the equipment by installing protective circuits and redundant circuits, and to conduct safety tests.

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