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What are Connectors?

What are Connectors?

Connectors electrically connect one function with another and are available in various types and sizes.

AV devices
Mobile devices
In-car devices
Amusement devices
Industrial devices
Medical devices

Types of In-Device and Inter-Device Connectors

Board to wire connection
MIL connector head
Low profile header
Socket for a flat cable
Socket for a bulk wire
Micro Coaxial Connectors for board-to-micro coaxial cable
Board to board connection
DIN connector
Card edge connector
Small-size board to board connector
FPC connector
IC socket
CPU socket
Connector for a memory card
Connector for a memory
Round I/O
D-Sub connector
USB connector
Coaxial connector
Optical connector

Categories of Panasonic Connectors

Panasonic Industry deals in mainly in-device wiring connectors for small-size digital devices such as mobile devices. They are largely categorized into two types below.

(1) Narrow Pitch Connector
Header Socket
This two-piece type connector, which comprises of a header and a socket, connects one board with another or a board with an FPC.
(2) FPC Connector
This is a one-piece type connector that makes the connection with a directly-inserted FPC and locking by means of a lever.

Uses of In-Device Wiring

For example, our connectors are mounted on mobile devices such as smart-phones mainly for the uses below.

Touch panel
Sub camera module
Operational switch
Main camera module
LCD module
Sub board (memory)
Side switch

Why are Our Connectors Chosen and Used in Mobile Devices Such as Smartphones?

Compact mobile devices such as smartphones are designed for use in harsh environments: mounted connectors require strict specifications.

More specifically, connectors that satisfy the following conditions are required.
 1.	Guaranteed contact reliability during use. 2.	Downsizing 3.	Easy to assemble.
It is important to create this kind of connector. The sales of our connectors will expand as mobile devices such as cellular phones continue to develop and are widespread: We have developed products that satisfy the required specifications.
Narrow Pitch Connector A4S
Narrow Pitch Connector A4S

Features of Panasonic Connectors (1)

Contact reliability is ensured.

i) Bellows contact structure
High contact reliability is a requirement against the shock and vibration that are unavoidable when it comes to the use of mobile devices! Even ultra-miniature parts require higher contact reliability!
ii) V notch plus double contact structure
The two-point V notch edge contact plus clip-type double contact ensure three contact points per pin, which in turn guarantees contact reliability that is usually not available for ultra-miniature parts!
iii) Ni barrier structure
The Ni barrier prevents the solder rise of ultra-miniature and low-profile parts! Design for better assembly and contact reliability are secured!
Tough against “corrosive gases”
Resistance against corrosion caused by surrounding gases (such as exhaust) and sweat when you wear the device has been improved!

Tough Contact that is strong in various environments

Our connectors improve the resistance of mobile devices with the highly reliable contact structure that is strong in various environments.
See details.

Features of Panasonic Connectors (2)


Our wide range of products responds to high functionality and downsizing of mobile devices.

See details.

Features of Panasonic Connectors (3)

Ease of assembly

Connectors must be connected (fitted), man-hour and operability at that time should be considered.

Narrow Pitch Connectors

Narrow Pitch Connectors

Simplified lock system achieves good clickability during connection!

FPC Connectors

FPC Connectors

Configuration that shows consideration for FPC connectability and lever operability

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