Ultra-compact Photoelectric Sensor EX-20 Ver.2

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Type Appearance Sensing range Model No.
(Note 3)
Output Output operation
Thru-beam Front sensing 1 m
3.281 ft
EX-21A NPN open-collector transistor Light-ON
EX-21A-PN PNP open-collector transistor
EX-21B NPN open-collector transistor Dark-ON
EX-21B-PN PNP open-collector transistor
Side sensing 2 m
6.562 ft
EX-23 NPN open-collector transistor Switchable either
Light-ON or
EX-23-PN PNP open-collector transistor
Retroreflective Side sensing 30 to 200 mm
1.181 to 7.874 in
(Note 1)
EX-29A NPN open-collector transistor Light-ON
EX-29A-PN PNP open-collector transistor
EX-29B NPN open-collector transistor Dark-ON
EX-29B-PN PNP open-collector transistor
Diffuse reflective Side sensing 5 to 160 mm
0.197 to 6.299 in
(Note 2)
EX-22A NPN open-collector transistor Light-ON
EX-22A-PN PNP open-collector transistor
EX-22B NPN open-collector transistor Dark-ON
EX-22B-PN PNP open-collector transistor
Convergent reflective Diffused beam type Front sensing 2 to 25 mm
0.079 to 0.984 in
(Convergent point: 10 mm 0.394 in)
EX-24A NPN open-collector transistor Light-ON
EX-24A-PN PNP open-collector transistor
EX-24B NPN open-collector transistor Dark-ON
EX-24B-PN PNP open-collector transistor
Small spot beam type Side sensing 6 to 14 mm
0.236 to 0.551 in
(Convergent point: 10 mm 0.394 in)
EX-26A NPN open-collector transistor Light-ON
EX-26A-PN PNP open-collector transistor
EX-26B NPN open-collector transistor Dark-ON
EX-26B-PN PNP open-collector transistor
Narrow-view reflective Long distance spot beam type Side sensing 45 to 115 mm
1.772 to 4.528 in
EX-28A NPN open-collector transistor Light-ON
EX-28A-PN PNP open-collector transistor
EX-28B NPN open-collector transistor Dark-ON
EX-28B-PN PNP open-collector transistor
NOTE Mounting bracket is not supplied with the sensor. Please select from the range of optional sensor mounting brackets (four types) or universal sensor mounting bracket.
Note 1 :The sensing range of the retroreflective type sensor is specified for the RF-200 reflector.
Further, the sensing range is the possible setting range for the reflector.
The sensor can detect an object less than 30 mm 1.181 in away.
However, if the reflector is set 100 mm 3.937 in or less away, the sensing object should be opaque.
Note 2 :In case of using this product at a sensing range of 50 mm 1.969 in or less, take care that the sensitivity adjustment range becomes extremely narrow.
Note 3 :The model No. with "P" shown on the label affixed to the thru-beam type sensor is the emitter, "D" shown on the label is the receiver.
(e.g.) Emitter of EX-21A: EX-21P, Receiver of EX-21A: EX-21AD

Package without reflector

Retroreflective type is also available without the reflector RF-200.
When ordering this type, suffix "-Y" to the model No.
(e.g.) Without reflector type of EX-29A-PN is "EX-29A-PN-Y".

Standard type Package without reflector
EX-29A EX-29A-Y
EX-29B EX-29B-Y

5 m 16.404 ft cable length type

5 m 16.404 ft cable length type (standard: 2 m 6.562 ft) is also available for NPN output type (including package without reflector of retroreflective type sensor).
When ordering this type, suffix "-C5" to the model No.
(e.g.) 5 m 16.404 ft cable length type of EX-29A-Y is "EX-29A-Y-C5".

Standard type 5 m 16.404 ft cable length type
EX-21A EX-21A-C5
EX-21B EX-21B-C5
EX-23 EX-23-C5
EX-29A EX-29A-C5
EX-29B EX-29B-C5
EX-29A-Y EX-29A-Y-C5
EX-29B-Y EX-29B-Y-C5
EX-22A EX-22A-C5
EX-22B EX-22B-C5
EX-24A EX-24A-C5
EX-24B EX-24B-C5
EX-26A EX-26A-C5
EX-26B EX-26B-C5
EX-28A EX-28A-C5
EX-28B EX-28B-C5


RF-200 (Reflector)


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