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Pipe-mountable Liquid Level Detection Sensor EX-F1

Cautions For Use

  • Never use this product as a sensing device for personnel protection.
  • In case of using sensing devices for personnel protection, use products which meet laws and standards, such as OSHA, ANSI or IEC etc., for personnel protection applicable in each region or country.


  • Mount the sensor on a pipe with the attached tying bands and anti-slip tubes as shown in the figure below. Make sure that the release lever is retracted (position as in the figure) before mounting. Fasten two tying bands, as shown, and cut off the excess portions.


  • If other tying bands are to be used, the dimension A shown in the figure below should be 2.5 mm 0.098 in or less.

tying bands

Selecting output operation

  • Either Light-ON (Liquid-absent-ON) or Dark-ON (Liquidpresent- ON) can be selected with the operation mode switch according to your application.

Selecting output operation

  • The indicator operation and the output operation are different with the setting of the operation mode switch as given in the table below.

The indicator operation and the output operation

: Lights up : Lights off

MODE Sensing condition Operation indicator Output operation
Liquid-present OFF
Liquid-absent ON
Liquid-present ON
Liquid-absent OFF


  • Do not use during the initial transient time (50 ms) after the power supply is switched on.
  • Do not use this sensor with a pipe which is not transparent.
  • Unclear or highly viscous liquid may not be detected.
  • Fit the sensor to the pipe securely, otherwise the operation may be erroneous.

  • Take care that no dew condenses on the pipe’s sensing surface or the pipe’s inside wall and that no bubble attaches on the pipe’s inside wall, since it can affect the operation. If a liquid drop flows down across the sensing point or an air bubble sticks on the wall at the sensing point, the operation may be erroneous. Make sure that no bubble arises in the liquid, and that no dew or liquid drop is present on either surface of the pipe wall.
  • EX-F1 is not water-proof or chemical-resistant. Installation should be avoided at any place where it could come in direct contact with water or chemicals.


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