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Ultra-slim Light Curtain [Type 2 PLc SIL1] SF2C

Introducing Type 2 Ultra-slim Light Curtains!
Featuring easy installation and reduced wiring


UL , CE , CSA , TUV , UKCA Approved
CE : Machinery Directive, EMC Directive
UKCA : Machinery Regulations, EMC Regulations
UL, CSA : Certified by TÜV SÜD America Inc.



Slim size for efficient applications

Available work space is expanded from the previous model, and productivity is improved.

Slim size for efficient applications

Simple safety distance calculations

Recalculation of the safety distance is unnecessary for each time safety light curtain length is changed.

Safety Distance SF2C-H□ : 128 mm 5.039 in (Calculation based on ISO 13855)

Simple safety distance calculations

Dramatically less wiring work with optical synchronization

Safety light curtain wiring consists of just five wires each for the emitter and receiver, allowing you to easily implement safety measures in about the same amount of time as with an area sensor with using optical synchronization.

Beam axis alignment made easy

The emitter has an effective aperture angle of ±5° or less for an operating range of 3 m 9.843 ft. Compared to Type 4 safety light curtains (which have an effective aperture angle of ±2.5° or less), the SF2C series is easy to align and install.

Easy installation

The standard mounting bracket is already mounted for easy installation.

Can be used in a variety of applications for simplified equipment [Large multi-purpose indicator]

The bright LED indicators located in the center of both sides of each safety light curtain can be light on / blink in orange with external inputs. There is no need for setting up a separate indicator, so that equipment is consolidated.

Light weight!

The SF2C series is made of resin that is lighter than the conventional aluminum case type*.
Its lightweight body eases the burden on the mounting surface of the equipment and contributes to overall reduced weight during equipment transportation or overseas shipment.

*Except the cable part

Protection structure IP67

An IP67 (IEC) rating is achieved even in an ultra-slim resin body using a laser welding method.

A fast response time for all models

SF2C-H□: 20 ms
The SF2C series reduces the safety distance as well as the calculation work required for the safety distance among models with different beam channels.

Material suitable for manufacturing a secondary battery

SF2C body is made of resin and the mounting bracket is made of Stainless Steel (SUS), so materials used are limited. Suitable for manufacturing secondary batteries or for food production equipment.

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