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【Notification of Manufacturer Change for Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Products and Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Tatsuno Products】
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Improved inspection reliability while reducing engineering time

CE Marking UKCA

CE , UKCA Approved


High End Performance in a Compact Body

Image processing with impressive accuracy and performance can now be achieved while requiring a surprisingly low implementation and programming time.
The new ideal machine is a color/grey combination type.

Camera selections

Seven types of cameras, including a 4M grey camera, are available with the system.
0.3M compact camera has been added to the product line-up. The body is approximately 20 mm 0.79 in more compact lengthwise compared to previous 0.3M cameras.

*1 The main body firmware Ver.1.50 or later is required.

Software are available for download.
*Membership registration is required to access/download this data.
>>Go to Data download.

*2 A dedicated cable is required for connecting.
*3 The 4M camera cannot be used in combination with another type of camera.

Color/ grey combination inspection system

Grey conversion
Highly flexible grey conversion is possible, because each coefficient can be freely specified for each RGB value of a color image.

Color extraction
Colors in different color phases can be simultaneously extracted and inspected by using one inspection checker.

Smart Edge (Circle)/(Line)

Complicated inspection processes can be easily performed with highly accurate measurements.
A function for accurate approximation of circles/lines. This function detects a maximum of 3,000 edge points for a line and 3,600 for a circle in one area, dramatically improving the accuracy of the measurement of dimensions and positions. This function has also significantly reduced the man-hours required for setting.

[Operation principle]
1. A Grey edge scanning area is created, and edge points in the area are searched to detect the contour of the object.
2. Virtual circles and approximate straight lines can be identified with a high degree of accuracy based on the target edge points.
3. Pass (OK) /fail (NG) evaluations are made based on the measured values (radius, diameter, and width), deviations, circularity, straightness, and the number of edges outside the area.

Smart edge (circle) setting example
Smart edge (line) setting example

Geometry calculation

Distances, intersections, and median lines can be detected.
This function detects the distance between two points, the intersection of two lines, the median line of two lines, the perpendicular distance, and an approximate ellipse. In combination with Smart edge (circle) / (line), this function recognizes the object as a geometric figure, allowing the coordinates, distances, dimensions, and angles to be obtained without preparing calculation formulas.


Operation screen

The PV200 series has been designed to simplify implementation in both pre-production and post-production.

X and Y axes indicate the scale converted into the actual dimensions.
(Separately settable for each camera)

Data R (Read) / W (Write) function Customizable Display

Data R (Read) / W (Write) function
Program modifications can be quickly made in the RUN mode without replacing the program or switching to the setting screen. This is useful in cases where changes to the inspection area and pre-processing parameters must be made after the program has been finalized.

[Modification examples]

Modification examples

Splash screen
The splash (startup) screen can be changed to an original screen, such as a screen suitable for the user's equipment or a screen including a brand logo. (A bitmap with a maximum size of 640 x 480 pixels)

Operation customization by external signal
The PV200 series is equipped with a total of five points for ASSIGN and EXTRA signals, which allow you to customize the allocations of tasks, such as layout switching, image data output and screenshot printing.

Customizable Display
■ Character / Figure drawing
A function for drawing text (multi-lingual), measured values, cross marks, arrow marks (dimension lines), rectangles, and ellipses. This function allows drawn items to be displayed following the calculation results or detected positions. It is also possible to specify the character size, fill regions and switch the drawn item colors or turn on/off the display of the items according to the pass/fail check results.

■ Marker function
A straight line, rectangle, circle, ellipse, and cross line can be displayed at any position. The display position can be specified by using external signal.

■ Layout
The VGA screen (640 x 480 pixels) can display two images and two pages of the Data R/W screen. Layouts can be customized and up to 16 patterns can be registered. They can be switched in accordance with the situation using either the keypad or external signals.

Customizable Display

Grey preprocess filters

21 types of grey preprocess filters are available. Reliable inspections are possible even under non-uniform lighting conditions or in the case of images with noise.

●Preprocess filters: 21 types
●Preprocess groups: Max. 16 groups/camera
●Preprocess steps: Max. 10 steps/group

Grey preprocess filters

PVWIN200 setup software

User-friendly drag-and-drop operations
Drag the target image and drop it onto a PVWIN200 screen to start the operation. The guidance by the navigation view icons will help you set the inspection conditions.

Simulation cycle for debugging
The continuous simulation and data logging functions facilitate setting data corrections and verifications. The export function allows you to manage the setting data change history.

PV200 MC

0.3M compact limited edition special value camera with all the functions of the PV200.

PV200 MC

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