MINAS A6S Series Servo Driver

Swifter, smarter and easier to use
Powered Up compact driver

MINAS A6S Series Servo Driver
※1A6SF Series
※2A6SE, A6SG Series

CE, UL/U-CL, TUV, KoreanKC Approved


Swifter, smarter and easier to use

Powered Up compact driver


High-speed response, high-precision positioning for quick and accurate movement

Our proprietary algorithm in addition to upgraded CPU and other hardware realized further high-speed response. Furthermore, high-precision positioning is achieved by automatically eliminating micro vibrations and machine oscillation caused by the resonance.

Comparison of position setting waveforms


Example of operation with processing machine


Easy and quick setting, shortening conventional settling time by approx. 64%*1.

Newly developed fit gain function substantially reduces adjustment time. Adaptive notch filter and various gains can be automatically set and adjusted.

*1 Comparison with conventional product A5Ⅱ Family

Settling time


Adjustment completed in only 3 processes


Realized 3.2 kHz frequency response to improve productivity.

Realizes 3.2 kHz frequency response. At 139% that of conventional models*1, it enables hjgh-speed operation and improves productivity.

*1 Comparison with conventional product A5Ⅱ Family


Lifespan diagnosis / degradation diagnosis

It warns expected lifetime of the motor & driver, and deterioration limit of the equipment.


Other driver functions

Adaptive load control

Adaptive load control automatically sets the best suitable gain table in response to fluctuations in inertia caused by changes in workload, thus keeping machines operating stably at all times.


Friction torque compensation

This function reduces the effect of machine related friction and improves responsiveness. Three kinds of friction compensation can be set: unbalanced load compensation, which sets an offset torque that is constantly applied; kinetic friction compensation, which changes direction in response to the direction of movement; and viscous friction compensation, which changes according to the speed command.


Manual/Auto damping filter

Equipped with a damping filter that is automatically set through the setup support software. This filter removes the natural vibration frequency component from the command input, greatly reducing vibration of the axis when stopping. The number of filters for simultaneous use has been increased to three from the conventional two filters. (Two from one in the two-degree-of-freedom-control mode.) The adaptive frequency has also been significantly expanded from 0.5 Hz to 300 Hz.

Damping Filter


Manual/Auto notch filter

Equipped with auto-setting notch filters for greater convenience.
Now there is no need to measure troublesome vibration frequencies. Our notch filters automatically detect vibration and provide simple auto-setting.
These notch filters greatly reduce noise and vibration caused by equipment resonance and respond quickly.
The A6 Family is equipped with 5 notch filters with frequencies settable from 50 Hz to 5000 Hz. Depth can be individually adjusted within this range. (Two of the filters share automatic settings.)

Notch filter characteristic


3-Step gain

A 3-step gain switch is available in addition to the normal gain switch.This chooses appropriate gain tunings at both stopping and running. The 3-step gain switch gives you choices of 3 different tunings for normal running, stopping for faster positioning and at stopping. The right gaining tunings achieve lower vibration and quicker positioning time of your application.


Inertia ratio conversion

You can adjust right inertia ratio by Inertia ratio conversion input (J-SEL) of interface. When you have significant load inertia changes,it can adjust unbalanced speed and position gain turning combination.It ends up quicker response of your system.


Input/output signal assignment

You can use the parameters to arbitrarily allocate the universal 10 inputs and 6 outputs. (Inputs can be selected as either A contacts or B contacts). The Panaterm setup software provides an exclusive screen for a more simplified setup.


Torque limiter switching

These can be used for applications such as simplified pressure, tension control, and sensor-less homing.


Supports semi-/full-closed loop (8 Mpps input pulse, 4 Mpps output pulse) control.

Supports full-closed loop control. The A6SF series accommodates a command input of 8 Mpps and feedback output of 4 Mpps, enabling high-resolution, high-speed operation. Supports the industry's leading positioning resolution commands (pulse-train commands).
●The A6SE and A6SG series do not support full-closed loop control.
●Applicable scale: AB-phase feedback scale (general purpose product) and serial feedback scale (compatible with our exclusive format)


Dynamic braking

With parameter settings, you can select dynamic braking, which shorts servomotor windings U, V and W at Servo-OFF, during positive direction/ negative direction, and during power shutdown and tripping of the circuit breaker for over travel inhibition.
●The desired action sequence can be set up to accommodate your machine requirements.


Inrush current preventive function

This driver is equipped with a rush current preventive resistor to prevent the circuit breaker from shutting off the power supply as a result of inrush current occurring at power-on.


Parameter initialization

Using the front panel or by connecting a PC, you can restore the parameters to the factory settings.


Regenerative energy discharge

A regenerative resistor is used to discharge regenerative energy, which is the energy generated when stopping a load with a large moment of inertia or when using this unit in vertical operation. This energy is returned to the driver from the motor.
● Frame A, and frame B model drivers do not contain a regenerative resistor. Optional regenerative resisters are recommended.
● Frame C to frame F model drivers contain one regenerative resistor; however, adding an optional regenerative resistor provides additional regeneration capability.


Multifunctional software for quick adjustment support
PANATERM set-up support software

The PANATERM set-up support software, with many added features. The PANATERM assists users in setting parameters, monitoring control conditions, setup support, and analyzing mechanical operation data on the PC screen, when installed in a commercially available personal computer, and connected to the MINAS A6 Family through the USB interface. Choose either English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean-language display.


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Setup Support Software 'PANATERM' (AC servo motor) for MINAS A6/A5 Familly PANATERM * This software cannot be used for A4 family Driver (Part No. M*DDT****) and E-series Driver (Part No. M*DET****P). Please purchase optional product DV0P4460.

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