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PANATERM / PANATERM for Multi set-up support software

Multifunctional software for quick adjustment support

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Software available for download
Only for MINAS A6 / A5 Family Only for MINAS A6 Multi / A6N P-Frame, Q-Frame (Dual axis servo driver)
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Update Information (Software Ver. [PDF:77KB] Update Information (Software Ver. [PDF:130KB]
Version-Up Information Version-Up Information

To apply this software to A. AⅢ E or A4 Series, consult our distributors or click here for the detail (Option:DV0P4460)

When using "PANATERM" for use with MINAS A6/A5, please prepare USB mini-B cable with noise filter (commercially available) for connecting PC and Driver.


The PANATERM set-up support software, with many added features. The PANATERM assists users in setting parameters, monitoring control conditions, setup support, and analyzing mechanical operation data on the PC screen, when installed in a commercially available personal computer, and connected to the MINAS A6 Family through the USB interface. <!--Choose either English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean-language display. -->

Setup wizard

This wizard supports fundamental settings in each control mode step by step, including reading of default setting. In On-line condition, Input data related to each step can be monitored in real time.

The fit gain function for setting Two-degree-of-freedom control.

1) Select the adjustment method
2) Load measurement
3) Confirming results Adjust gain to meet your needs

Fit gain

This function automatically searches the best suitable stiffness setting and mode and adjusts the gain once the target in-position range and setting time are set.

Service Life Prediction

The service life prediction function considers the internal temperature for main components such as the fan and condenser. If the rated value is exceeded, an alarm is displayed. This approach prevents unexpected suspension of operation and allows for planning of systemized maintenance.
Note: The life span prediction value should be considered as a guide only.

Encoder temperature monitor

The Encoder Temperature Monitor is a new function capable of real-time measurement of the interior temperature of the encoder, something that has been difficult to achieve in the past. It is valuable for monitoring the motor and can be used as a diagnostic in the event of a malfunction .

Other New Function

The software offers a wide range of convenient features including motor and driver data such as load factor, voltage, and driver temperature. Moreover, the logging function records the interface history. As well, a non-rotating contributing factor display function.

Frequency characteristics measurement function

Can check frequency response characteristics of the mechanism and motor. Since resonance frequency of the mechanism is measurable, it is effective for start-up time reduction.

Trial run

This function supports positioning with the Z-phase search and software limit.

Added New screen for gain adjustment, equipped with stiffness oscillation auto-reduction function

Significant increase of measuring objects Multi-functional waveform graphic


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Software Download

Tool Title Language Version File size Update
[PANATERM Ver.6] set-up support software
*Only for MINAS A6/A5 Family
EN Ver. 189.6MB June 5, 2024
Tool Title Language Version File size Update
PANATERM for Multi set-up support software
*Only for MINAS A6 Multi/A6N P-Frame, Q-Frame (Dual-axis Servo Driver)
EN Ver. 63.8MB October 11, 2022

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The Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. and people associated with it are not liable for any damage or loss resulting from the use of this software.

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Setup Support Software 'PANATERM' (AC servo motor) for MINAS A6/A5 Familly PANATERM * This software cannot be used for A4 family Driver (Part No. M*DDT****) and E-series Driver (Part No. M*DET****P). Please purchase optional product DV0P4460.

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