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FD-L11 | Convergent Reflective Type Fiber

Convergent Reflective Type Fiber

*Photo may vary from actual product.

  • RoHS Compliant This product has been confirmed that it does not contain the 6 substances specified in EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and the 4 substances specified in 2015/863/EU.  

Product Number FD-L11
Part Number FD-L11
Product Convergent Reflective type Fiber
Details Convergent Reflective type Fiber
Product name Convergent Reflective Type Fiber

As of July 16, 2024
Specifications and design of the products are subject to change without notice for the product improvement.

Spec Detail

Item Specifications
Product Number FD-L11
Part Number FD-L11
Sensing mode Convergent Reflective type
Fiber type Glass substrate detection
Fiber head length W12 x H19 x D3 mm
With sleeve No
Beam direction Top-view
Fiber cable length 2 m
Allowable bending radius R4 mm
Free-cut Available
Semi-custom Fiber length change
Mounting lens Not available
Mounting protective tube Not available
Application Glass substrate detection Seating confirmation
Environmental resistance : Protection IP40
Environmental resistance : Ambient temperature MAX 60 degrees
Environmental resistance : Ambient temperature MIN -40 degrees
Sensing range(STD) 0 to 9.5 mm 0 to 0.374 in (FX-500 series)
Sensing range(HYPR) 0 to 11.5 mm 0 to 0.453 in (FX-500 series)
Sensing range(U-LG) 0 to 10.5 mm 0 to 0.413 in (FX-500 series)
Sensing range(LONG) 0 to 10 mm 0 to 0.394 in (FX-500 series)
Sensing range(FAST) 0 to 9 mm 0 to 0.354 in (FX-500 series)
Sensing range(H-SP) 0 to 8 mm 0 to 0.315 in (FX-500 series)

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