Cautions For Use

Information security precautions

When use this product you might receive damage as listed below.

(1) Information leakage or outflow through this product
(2) Fraudulent operation of this product by a malicious third party
(3) Obstructing or stopping this product by a malicious third party

Sufficient measures, including the following measures, should be taken at your own risk to prevent such damages.

■Data storage

  • Do not storage of personal information on this product.


  • Please be sure to change the password since it is set to the default value at the time of purchase.
  • Do not use the default password.
  • Please be responsible for managing your password so that it is not known to any third party and do not forget it.
  • If you forget your internal password, there is no way for you to reset it. You must return the product to us and we will return it to you in its factory condition.
  • Please make sure that your password is at least 8 characters long and contains a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols so that a third party cannot guess your password.
  • Do not use the same password as your user name. Do not use the same password as the one you are using elsewhere.
  • Please change your password on a regular basis.


  • Use this product on a network where safety is secured by using a firewall.
  • When using this product on a system where a PC is connected, make sure that checking and cleaning of infection by computer virus or malicious program is performed periodically.
  • It has the ability to use unencrypted communications. (FTP, HTTP, SMTP, PLC communications, etc.). Please make sure that a third party cannot easily connect to the network used by this product.
  • Use HTTPS when accessing this product through a web browser. Also, be sure to close all browsers after accessing it.
  • Do disable the functions of the services you don't use. (SNMP, NTP, VNC, DHCP, Corvina Cloud, etc.)
  • Be sure to log out when you have completed the necessary setup operations.
  • SNMP is assumed to be used for testing purposes. It should be disabled during operation. Furthermore, it is recommended that the product be used in an environment that has VPN (Virtual Private Network) or leased line network.

■Transfer / Disposal / Repair

  • If the product is to be disposed of, transferred, repaired, or otherwise transferred to a third party, important information may also be recorded on the product and on the external recording media used. At customer's risk, please handle it with care, such as erasing it.


  • On the back of the unit, there are interfaces that affect its operation, such as power supply, external storage media, and communication connectors. Please make sure to install the unit in a manner that does not allow unauthorized parties to touch it.


  • The Company shall not be responsible for any information security problems or damages that may occur to you in the event that you fail to comply with the above precautions in using this product.

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