Compact CO2 Laser Marker LP-GS SERIES

Revolutionary compact size

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Revolutionary size

Minimized head size contributes to floor space cost reduction.

Downsized unit
The LP-GS series Laser Marker heads have considerably decreased in size. The controller is also miniaturized so this downsized unit contributes to reduce floor space cost.
Heads can be installed in any direction (Vertical, Horizontal), allowing users design their equipment more flexible.

Downsized unit

Marking on a wide area
The LP-GS series head ensures both miniature size with light weight. Moving the head to the marking position ensures high-quality marking over a wide area. Due to the smaller head size, less space for installation is required, even when marking on an M- or L-sized large circuit board. The cable between head and controller is flex-resistant.

Marking on a wide area

Please note that exess force should not be applied when moving the head.

Production improvements

Drastic improvements in marking quality and man-hours for setup change

Marking on circuit boards with various thickness
Previously the head height had to be adjusted each time the circuit board thickness was changed. LP-GS series have integrated Z-axis control mechanism which allow adjustment of the work distance based on circuit board thickness.The mechanism both eliminates man-hours to change setup and maintains marking quality stability.

[Example of height control via Z-axis control]

Example of height control via Z-axis control
With Z-axis adjustment
With Z-axis adjustment
Without adjustment
Without adjustment
As marking on a circuit board, its quality of marking might be different depending on the thickness of resist.
Please be sure to carry out the marking test beforehand and check its quality.
For the method of testing, please contact each area sales in charge.

This Z-axis control mechanism helps to improve the production efficiency when marking on not only substrates but also workpieces of various sizes.







Camera correction without PLC
A camera can be used for adjusting the tilt of the work piece to maintance the marking quality.
Connect the LP-GS series and the camera directly to transfer the correction data from camera to the Laser Marker. In addition, man-hours for PLC programming can be reduced.

Camera correction without PLC

Smart operation

Operability that focuses on "easy to use for anyone"

New dedicated software: Laser Marker NAVI smart
Includes the new dedicated PC configuration software Laser Marker NAVI smart. It is compatible with Windows® 8.
When used with a tablet PC*1, touch panel operation becomes possible. Also wireless access via Bluetooth*2 is available.
Troublesome cables will not be required and configuration after installation is simple.

No cable arrangement is needed thanks to wireless access. Wireless access is effective even if the controller is securely stored away in the equipment because the receiver is located at the head.

New dedicated software: Laser Marker NAVI smart

*1 Use a commercially available tablet PC.
*2 Bluetooth-compatible devices only.

Setting assist functions
It requires a certain amount of experience to set the optimum conditions for a wide variety of workpieces. So, an assist function has been added to make settings of optimum conditions simply.
Even a beginner can output conditions, greatly shortening the lead time to start production.

Setting assist functions

Individual screens for different purposes
The "Laser Marker NAVI smart" display can be switched according to user purpose, such as for the "operator" or "supervisor". The precise screen indication enhances operability when confi guring or checking settings.

[For supervisor] Configuration screen

[For supervisor] Configuration screen
The data to be marked can be edited not only previewing it. Even complicated settings can be finely adjusted while previewing the data, which improves the work efficiency.

[For operator] Configuration screen

[For operator] Configuration screen
Equipped with a "watch function" that displays only the necessary parameters while production is in progress. Operator error can be prevented because only the parameters to be changed by the operator are selected and displayed.

[For maintenance manager] Maintenance inspection screen

[For maintenance manager] Maintenance inspection screen
The Laser Marker operation history, error history and other parameters required for stable operation can be confi rmed. This information is useful for making maintenance plans and preparation.

Many convenient functions

"External device link function" - controllable without PLC

Previously, a PLC was required in order to coordinate the Laser Marker with image processing devices and readers. The LP-GS series is capable of direct data processing with certain devices even without a PLC, thanks to the external device link function.

[Link with an image processing device]

<Position adjustment marking>
The Laser Marker is equipped with a new function that provides direct control of an image processing device (IPD). Now the Laser Marker itself can trigger the IPD to send the workpiece position (coordinate data). As there is no need for a PLC and programming, the amount of man-hours is reduced.

Link with an image processing device

<Read and collate marking data>
A new function has been added which enables to control a sequence of operations from marking to reading the code. The reader (IPD) reads codes marked by the Laser Marker and collates them with the original data to check whether the code is correctly marked.
This helps to prevent mixup of incorrectly marked products.
The reader (image processing device) reads code marked by the Laser Marker and the Laser Marker collate it with the original data to check whether the code is correctly marked, in order to prevent mixup of incorrectly marked products.

Read and collate marking data

[Link with a code reader]
The laser marker can be controlled by reading code.

Connect the laser marker and code reader directly and read data, such as production instruction, etc. Based on this information, the Laser marker can execute various operations configured beforehand, e.g. change the marking data. Laser Marker controled by code data prevents input error by operator.

Link with a code reader

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