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3D FAYb Laser Marker LP-ZV

Short-pulse fiber laser marker boasting high marking definition and sustainability to meet future needs


CE , FDA , GB , UKCA Approved
GB : Conforming to GB 7247.1


High-definition marking by short-pulse laser with a pulse duration of 1 ns (LP-ZV200P / LP-ZV205P / LP-ZV206P)

Panasonic Industry has realized a fiber laser marker system with a short pulse duration of 1 ns by maximizing its original technologies. The new fiber laser marker series minimizes the adverse effects of heat and provides sharp and clear markings.

Clear marking with sharp edges

The short-pulse laser minimizes thermal effect while the high-frequency oscillation achieves clear marking of extremely small and fine characters. Shallow engraving results in easy-tosee white markings and code sections with sharp and clear edges.
This contributes to the excellent visibility of small characters and stable scanning of two-dimensional codes.

Clear marking with sharp edges

Wide marking field of 330 × 330 mm 12.992 × 12.992 in (LP-ZV206P / LP-ZV506P)

Conventionally, markings on large workpieces or on workpieces made with multi-cavity molds required multiple marking operations. The wide marking field enables large size marking in a single marking operation.
This not only improves productivity but also reduces the number of required units or simplifies the facility construction to contribute to cost reduction.

The Z-axis stroke mechanism controls the laser beam focus in the Z direction so that the focal distance can be set within a wide range of 50 mm 1.969 in. This results in beautiful markings on stepped surfaces, inclined surfaces, spherical surfaces, etc. without blurriness or distortion.
The wide range also eliminates the need for a setup change when workpieces with different heights are sent on the same line, so production of additional models can be easily handled.

Wide marking field

Built-in camera for positioning

Positioning can be performed while viewing the marking / processing data created using the Laser Marker NAVI smart software and the image captured by the built-in camera in the head on the same screen. Compared with the conventional red guide laser indication, the color image allows easier confirmation of positioning.
Furthermore, the internal light in the head enables positioning even in a dark place such as the inside of a machine.

Built-in camera for positioning

High-output 52-W* type suitable for deep engraving and takt time reduction (LP-ZV500P / LP-ZV505P / LP-ZV506P)

*Oscillator average output
It generally requires a long time to mark a two-dimensional code or to perform deep engraving in a casting process or the like. These laser marker models reduce the marking / processing times and offer enhanced cycle time follow-up performance.

High-output 52-W type
* The above photos show an image of deep engraving. They do not represent practical conditions.

CO2 emissions and electricity cost reduced to about half as compared to other systems

Companies are striving to contribute to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and achieve sustainability. In many cases, a CO2 emission reduction target is set for each business division.
Panasonic Industry has developed a fiber oscillating type laser marker by utilizing its proprietary technologies. Its CO2 emission is about half of that from a product using a different system (such as YAG system, YVO4 system, etc.). Furthermore, the running cost (cost of electricity) can also be reduced to half. Sustainability and low cost are great advantages, especially for facilities that will be used for many long years to come.

CO2 emissions and electricity cost reduced to about half as compared to other systems
[Estimation conditions]
Emission factor: 0.457 kg-CO2/kWh, laser marker operation: 8 hours/day, 20 days/month, continuous laser irradiation at 100% laser power

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