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High Speed・High Accuracy Eddy Current Type Digital Displacement Sensor GP-X

Cautions For Use

  • Never use this product as a sensing device for personnel protection.
  • In case of using sensing devices for personnel protection, use products which meet laws and standards, such as OSHA, ANSI or IEC etc., for personnel protection applicable in each region or country.
The sensor head and the controller are adjusted in order to conform to the default specification linearity.
In the event of replacing sensor heads, input the sensor head’s characteristic code and conduct 3-point correction (calibration).
Should you use an extension cable, turn the sensor head cable length selection switch located on the back of the controller to “3 m + 7 m 9.843 ft + 22.966 ft”. Then reintroduce the power supply and conduct 3-point correction (calibration).

Conditions in use for CE/UKCA conformity

  • This product is CE/UKCA compliant and complies with EMC directives/EMC regulations. EN 61000-6-2 is the applicable standard that covers immunities relating to use of this product, but in order to comply with this standard, the following conditions must be satisfied.

  • The controller should be connected less than 10 m 32.808 ft from the power supply.
  • The signal line to connect with the controller should be less than 30 m 98.425 ft.
  • A ferrite clamp must be mounted within 10 mm 0.394 in from connector fitted onto the GP-XBCC3 cable with connector on one end for BCD output units.

Linearity in case of disc-shaped or cylindrical objects

  • In case the sensing object is disc-shaped or cylindrical, the linearity varies with the sensing object size.
    In the event the sensing object is larger than the sizes indicated in the table below, the linearity specification (within ±0.3 % F.S.) is satisfied by performing zero-adjustment and span adjustment when in contact using the scaling function.

<In case of disc>

Linearity in case of disc-shaped or cylindrical objects In case of disc

<In case of cylinder>

Linearity in case of disc-shaped or cylindrical objects In case of cylinder
Sensor head Disc diameter ø (mm in) Cylinder diameter ø (mm in)
GP-X3SE  6 0.236  16 0.630
GP-X5SE  8 0.315  16 0.630
GP-X8S 12 0.472  50 1.969
GP-X10M 12 0.472  50 1.969
GP-X12ML 25 0.984  55 2.165
GP-X22KLM 30 1.181 165 6.496

Mounting sensor head

  • The tightening torque should be under the value given below.

Mounting with set screw
  • Make sure to use an M3 or smaller set screw having a cup-point.
Mounting sensor head Mounting with set screw    
Model No. A (mm in) Tightening torque
GP-X3SE 4 to 16 0.157 to 0.630 0.10 N·m or less
GP-X5SE 5 to 16 0.197 to 0.630 0.44 N·m or less
GP-X8S 0.58 N·m or less

Mounting with nut

Mounting with nut GP-X10M
Mounting with nut GP-X12ML
Mounting with nut GP-X22KL
Model No. B (mm in) Tightening torque
GP-X10M 7 0.276 or more 9.8 N·m or less
GP-X12ML 14 0.551 or more 20 N·m or less
GP-X22KL 20 0.787 or more (Note 1) 20 N·m or less


1) Without nut. If a nut is installed, the dimension will be 23.5 mm 0.926 in or more.
2) Mount such that the nuts do not protrude from the threaded portion.

Distance from surrounding metal

  • As metal around the sensor head may affect the sensing performance, pay attention to the following points.

<Embedding of the sensor head in metal>

  • Since the analog output may change if the sensor head is completely embedded in metal, keep the minimum distance specified in the table below.
Mounting sensor head Distance from surrounding metal      
Sensor head C (mm in) D (mm in)
GP-X3SE ø10 ø0.394 3 0.118
GP-X8S ø18 ø0.709
GP-X10M ø14 ø0.551
GP-X12ML ø50 ø1.969 14 0.551
GP-X22KL ø50 ø1.969 20 0.787
Mutual interference
  • If several sensor heads are mounted close together, some specifications may not be satisfied. Therefore, proceed with the interference prevention function enabled.
    The interference prevention function eliminates interference among sensors by alternating sensor oscillations. Contact our office for details about time charts etc. If not using the interference prevention function, leave a distance more than the values given below.

<Face to face mounting>

Mutual interference Face to face mounting

<Parallel mounting>

Mutual interference Parallel mounting
Sensor head E (mm in) F (mm in)
GP-X3SE  15 0.591   9 0.354
GP-X5SE  30 1.181  11 0.433
GP-X8S  40 1.575  15 0.591
GP-X10M  40 1.575  15 0.591
GP-X12ML 170 6.693  50 1.969
GP-X22KL 200 7.874 200 7.874

Sensing range

  • The sensing range is specified for the standard sensing object [stainless steel (SUS304) / iron [Cold rolled carbon steel (SPCC)], 60 × 60 × t 1 mm 2.362 × 2.362 × t 0.039 in]. For sensing metals other than the standard sensing objects, use the correction coefficient stated below as a guideline. Verify with the actual sensor before using.

Correction coefficient

Stainless steel (SUS304), Iron 1
Aluminum 0.5 approx.


  • After turning on the power, wait 15 min. or more [20 min.for the GP-XC3SE(-P) and GP-XC5SE(-P)] before usingthe product.
    The power supply circuit is not stable immediately after the power is turned on, and this may cause measurement values to be distorted. In addition, note that there will also be a muting period of approx. 2 sec.

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