LED Line Type UV Curing System Aicure UD40

LED Line Type a new era begins

LED Line Type UV Curing System UD40 SERIES

Notification about unconformity of CE marking

It is not allowed to export to EU area from July 22nd, 2019.


Panasonic original LED provides a UV intensity (Note 1) of 4,600 mW/cm2

Types with two different wavelengths (365 nm 0.014 mil and 385 nm 0.015 mil) are available.

Note 1: Wavelength: 385 nm 0.015 mil, Irradiation distance: 10 mm 0.394 in Based on our company's measurement standards. Values are typical, but not guaranteed.

Air cooling method

Water cooling equipment is not required since the unit is fan-cooled.
Compact equipment makes installation easy.

■Illumination profile (Example)

* WD: Irradiation distance (mm)
Note 2: The intensity profiles shown are representative values, not guaranteed values.

Why is the UV intensity high?

Reason 1

The LED's capabilities are maximized by its cooling structure and a small size was also achieved.

Reason 2

It has high light density due to its optical design.
Further, it also enables long distance irradiation.

Multiple size variations

Six sizes are available for use in various applications.

Compact size makes installation easier

This compact equipment can be installed in a small space.
Provides greater flexibility in choosing the installation location.

Flexible UV irradiation patterns

Block-level UV intensity control

UV irradiation can be controlled separately for each block in the head.
This enables UV irradiation according to the workpiece shape and also reduces power consumption by turning off the LEDs where UV irradiation is not needed.

Flexible UV Irradiation Patterns

■UV irradiation pattern example (6 blocks)

UV irradiation pattern example (6 blocks)

UV irradiation stability

No more resin curing defects or adhesion errors
Temperature feedback control
Provides UV irradiation accuracy within ±5 %. (at 80 % UV intensity setting)

Generally, an increase in LED temperature reduces the UV irradiation output. However, the UD40 series employs a Panasonic original head cooling mechanism to suppress temperature increases. Further, a temperature sensor is built into the head to constantly monitor and feed back temperature information. This has resulted in a superb UV irradiation stability within ±5 % for output up to 80 %. This is ideal for high quality, precise adhesion applications.

UV irradiation stability

■Typical characteristics (25 ℃ 77 ℉ atmosphere)

Typical characteristics
Note: An output setting of 100 % is indicated as 100.

External access control

Control UV irradiation from an external device.
UV irradiation can be applied only during the required time period.

External access control
UV irradiation continues during the time period (t sec.) that the external signal is on.
UV irradiation stops when the signal is turned off.

UV irradiation from the head can be controlled using a parallel signal from a PLC or other external device.

Note: From detection of external signal ON, up to about 500 ms is required for UV illumination to reach the set value (necessary for overcurrent protection).

Operating time and temperature display functions

Notification of LED replacement period and abnormal temperature

The number of hours of lighting is counted for each LED block in the head. When a specific number of hours is reached, the LED replacement period is indicated through the controller's external output and panel display.
In addition, because the head has a built-in temperature sensor, the LED temperature during operation can be displayed.
If an abnormal temperature is detected, the controller sends a warning through its external output and panel display.
These functions ensure safety and improve productivity.

Operating Time and Temperature Display Functions

Long-life, economical LED type

LED type makes frequent replacement of service parts unnecessary

The LED type features extremely long light-source life span compared to the lamp type. As compared to the estimated lamp life span of 1,500 hours (Note1), the estimated LED life span is 15,000 hours (Note2).
Furthermore, unlike the lamp type that remains on at all times, the LED type can be turned on only when UV irradiation is needed.
If the irradiation on/off time ratio is 1:4 (process takt time = 5, irradiation time = 1), this calculates to a life span of approximately 75,000 hours (Note2), which can drastically reduce running cost and maintenance manhours.

Notes: 1)Our straight tube type
2)At an ambient operating temperature of +25 ℃ +77 ℉

Long-life, economical LED type

Low power consumption at 100 W per LED block

Reduces running cost and CO2.

Even when six blocks in a single head are turned on, the maximum power consumption is 650 W (at 200 V AC). This effectively reduces power consumption and CO2 emission. Since less heat is generated than the lamp type, even when the system is used in a small clean room, the increase in room temperature is small. This reduces the power needed for air conditioning.


Switching from lamp type

Switching from lamp style

Switching from spot type connection style to line type

UV intensity distribution of spot type (Typical example)

UV intensity distribution of spot type

UV intensity distribution of line type (Typical example)

UV intensity distribution of line type
  • High UV intensity
  • Long distance irradiation is also possible
  • Improvement in UV intensity uniformity

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