Aicure UP50 Lamp Spot Type

Energy-efficient mode will cut power consumption by
maximum of 15% when the irradiation is off.
Also featuring high-accuracy auto-tuning function

Aicure UP50 Lamp Spot Type


High-efficiency UV irradiation

1. Eco mode reduces power consumption
The Eco mode cuts the standby power consumption by a maximum of 15% while the irradiation is off (the shutter is closed), contributing to the running costs (electricity charge).
Compatible with a wide range of power supply voltages from 100 to 240 V AC for worldwide use.

2. Surface tackiness can be quickly eliminated
The development and adoption of our unique special mirror that allows for the effective irradiation with short wavelengths enables the quick elimination of surface stickiness caused during curing.
The irradiation time can also be reduced, decreasing the temperature rise of workpieces.

Stable UV irradiation performance

1. Significantly higher reliability for bonding and fixing Slim UV sensor (optional)
The UV sensor for measuring irradiation intensity enables auto-turning in high-accuracy.

The UV intensity can be relative measured*1 at the actual position by using the slim UV sensor. It can also automatically adjust the UV intensity to the preset level. Since the sensor only has 5 mm 0.197 in thickness, which is similar to the workpiece, the intensity measurement is possible without removing the system from the production line, facilitating high-accuracy setting and in-line condition optimization. The UV intensity can be checked and adjusted at real time, enhancing the bonding and fixing reliability.
*1 UV intensity can be measured as a relative value.
*2 Because sensitivity adjustment of the UV sensor is carried out at 365 nm single wavelength,
depending on the spectral sensitivity characteristics of the UV resin being used, it may not be
possible to fully control the curing process.
For more information, please consult us.

2. UV auto control function automatically compensates for the UV intensity
This function increases the electrical power applied to the lamp according to the total irradiation time of the lamp to compensate for the UV intensity decrease, maintaining stable UV irradiation until the end of the lamp life.

3. Programmable irradiation function
This function prevents curing distortion and enables high-quality precision bonding.

The irradiation can be programmed to controls the irradiation power and time depending on the resin and curing appication, supporting high-quality and high-precision bonding with minimum cure shrinkage. In addition to the simple irradiation mode which irradiation is continuously performed at a constant intensity, up to 10 steps 10 patterns can be set. This includes the step-up mode which the intensity is changed over time and the interval mode which irradiation is performed at specified intervals.

Easy to install

1. Can be placed either vertically or horizontally
The unit can be placed in either a vertical position that makes the footprint smaller or a horizontal position that allows stacking other units.

2. Long life, quickly-attachable lamp
The average lamp life is 3,000 hours (guaranteed life: 2,000 hours*). The lamp can be easily replaced with a single operation and does not require an optical axis adjustment.

* Ratio to the initial UV intensity -- 80% or higher in vertical placement, 70% or higher in horizontal placement

3. Two lens unit models for short and long range converging
The two lens unit models, one for short range and the other for long range converging, cover a variety of applications and workpieces.

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